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First, a few words about what the IMC is not. We are not a training organisation. We don’t provide courses for the general public. We don’t make profit from any training we organise for our members.

The IMC introductory sessions are not a replacement for formal training in mountaineering and rock-climbing, neither is it suitable for someone who has had no experience with climbing. Anyone looking for experience or professional training should contact a commercial training provider – a list is available on the  Mountaineering Ireland website

What we do as regards training is to help our members improve and update their skills by organising training activities throughout the year in response to expressions of interest among our members. The activities can be entirely in-house, provided by our more experienced members, or we can organise sessions with external professionals who have particular expertise.

New IMC members who want to be introduced to various aspects of climbing and mountaineering can take part in the annual New Members Programme, organised by our Training Officer, see details on the right.

If you have any question please contact the Training Officer at


Training Blogs

The IMC Hut 2015


Mourne Mountains May 2015
IMC North Wales 2015
North Wales October 2015


The New Members Programme 2017

Every year the IMC runs introductory sessions for new members covering rock-climbing and mountain skills.

The program kicks off in April, see the  New Members Training Syllabus for further details and the schedule of events below

Tuesday18th April 8.00pm Teachers Club, Introductory presentation for new members
Thursday Evening 20th April 6.30-10pm Dublin Climbing Centre , Tying on to rope,Belay Skills, Knots&Hitches,

Building two point Belays with Bolts ,

Warmups, Fundamentals of Movement

Saturday 22nd April 10.00am – 5pm New Members: Introductory Day Dalkey Quarry
Tuesday Evening#1 25th April5.00pm New Members: Bullock Harbour ,Placement of Natural Anchors, Building Belays
Thursday Evening#2 27th April 5.00pm New Members Programme : Introductory Evening, Dalkey Quarry
Thursday Evening#3 4th May 5.00pm New Members: Introductory Evening, Dalkey Quarry
Thursday Evening#4 11th May 5.00pm New Members: Introductory Evening, Dalkey Quarry
Thursday Evening#5 18th May 5.00pm New Members: Introductory Evening, Dalkey Quarry
Saturday-Sunday 20th-21 May New Members: Mourne Mts, MultiPitch Introduction ( QUB Hut)
Saturday-Sunday 17th -18th June New Members: Glendalough Weekend – IMC Hut Glendassan,

MultiPitch Meet

Saturday-Sunday 11th -12th Nov New Members: Glendalough Weekend – IMC Hut Glendassan, Mountain Skills

The goal of the introductory sessions is to give climbing instruction as well as help new members to get to know others and build up some contacts that should help them get out and about this summer and beyond.

We have an initial meeting at the Teachers Club in Parnell Square. You do not have to be a member to come, however, please note you will have to have become a member of the club to take part in any of the outdoor sessions. Click the Join the IMC link for details.

Please contact the Training Officer as soon as possible to put your name on the list, as we can only look after a certain number of people. To guarantee your place please join the club now (it costs the same amount) and you can take part in some of the ongoing activities.

The Programme for 2017 includes: a session learning to belay at Dublin Climbing Centre, an all day climbing session in Dalkey Quarry, an evening in Bullock Harbour learning about building natural belays, plus four further evening sessions on consecutive Thursdays in Dalkey Quarry. Finally, the highlights of the programme are weekends away climbing single and multi-pitch routes in the Mourne Mountains and Glendalough in Wicklow.