According to the IMC’s Constitution, “The main object of the Club is to encourage and organise mountaineering (including rock-climbing, hillwalking, ice-climbing, and bouldering) and kindred activities in Ireland and abroad”. The IMC has a long history of supporting mountaineering expeditions abroad by members.

Recent Expeditions

Year Region Participants Info
2018 Himalaya Gerry Galligan,
Frank Nugent,
Paddy O’Brien,
Alan Tees
Colmcille Climbers Logbook,
30 May 2018:
“Everest 25th Anniversary Expedition”
2015 Greenland Paddy Barry,
Harry Connolly,
Gerry Galligan,
Frank Nugent,
Paddy O’Brien,
Ronán Ó Caoimh
Vertebrate Publishing,
18 January 2016:
“Greenland: A Sailing and Climbing Adventure”
2014 Andes Doug Bartholemew,
Gerry Galligan,
Rob MacCallum
IMC Newsletter,
January 2015,
“Three go Down to the Andes”
2010 Greenland Padraig Gibbons,
Darach Ó Murchú
2008 Himalaya Eric Corkery,
Moira Creedon,
Niamh McGreen,
Sé Ó Hanlon,
Naomi Sturdy
Irish Mountain Log,
no. 91,
Autumn 2009,
p. 34-36:
“Expedition to Himachal Pradesh”
2008 Himalaya Gerry Galligan,
Paul Mitchel,
Darach Ó Murchú,
Craig Scarlett
“Dispatch from Kullu”

Financial Support for Expeditions

The IMC’s Committee sought advice and drew up a formal procedure for members who want to apply for financial support for expeditions, to replace the informal procedure that had been used in the past. Expeditions for which financial support is sought must fall within the criteria below:

Make first ascent (of peaks or of unclimbed routes) in high ranges outside Europe and lower
48 states of the U.S.A., or of lower remote ranges such as those in Greenland, Baffin Land,
Patagonia, OR, explore little-known mountain areas, particularly those which are glaciated
or partially so, OR, carry out necessary reconnaissance connected with a definite intention to
make a first ascent of a worthwhile peak.

The Expedition Panel was set up by the IMC’s Committee to assess such financial support applications; it is comprised of experienced members who are willing to assist and advise any IMC member contemplating such ventures.

Members may access the Expedition Grants Policy via the  Club Documents page

For more information contact expeditions@irishmountaineeringclub.org.