Dalkey40 – 2018

All – nearly time for the Dalkey 40 2018 – time to get training and planning your approach.

22nd September with 29th September as bad weather fall back.

This year it is in Autumn so that more of us have got good trad climbing mileage behind us and can really go for it. There is of course less daylight, this means more opportunity for head torch climbing ! Should be some great photos of the crag by torchlight – hopefully some drone and time lapse if I can recruit the right photographers…

So the challenge is: Climb 40 routes or more if you can, or just climb as many routes as you and your team are able to – raising money for a good cause.

This year the fundraising is to create a sensory room for children with special needs, in a local school. They need €14,000 to create the space and have raised €5,000 so far – we aim to help them towards their goal and have a great day’s climbing in the process. Sensory rooms provide stimulation for children who are feeling passive and de-motivated, while equally being able to provide a calm and tranquil space for those with high energy – the Occupational Therapist can flex the visual, aural and touch sensory stimuli according to the individual needs of the child. Proven to be a great asset in the special needs education arena, all children in the school will find some solace in the space.

How does the Dalkey 40 work? The first route you climb you rig a solid anchor, belay your partner(s) up then leave it in place for other climbers to use. At the end of the day’s climbing come back and strip your anchor. So we all climb trad routes as normal, but rigging an anchor is done for you on all the climb except your first.

Frequently asked questions:

“I can’t do 40 routes!?”

It’s ok – you only need to lead 30, your partner leads the other 20.

“I can’t lead 20 routes!?”

It’s ok, most of us did not manage 40 routes last year. Do as much as you can and enjoy ready-made belay anchors, barbecue food and great craic.

“Any ways I can help?”

Yes! From rigging belay anchors at the start of the day, stripping them down at the end of the day, to manning a barbecue, directing climbers to pre-rigged routes, taking photos, putting up gazebos, making sure hardy climbers eat and drink- loads of ways you can help. We might even have some top ropes this year…

Let me know if you want to enter a team or help out, teams can be a minimum of two – no soloists please…


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