IMC films from the 1950s and 60s

(March 2012)
Here are some films which were recorded and narrated by Harold Johnson for the IMC at various times in the 1950s and 60s.


Rock-climbing ABC

Climbing equipment and techniques, before the invention of modern gear.

(9:42, 40MB)

IMC at Ireland’s Eye

The IMC’s annual Ireland’s Eye meet goes back a long time!

(7:28, 31MB)

Mountain Rescue Practice

Before the Mountain Rescue teams were formed, mountaineering clubs were called out for rescues. Here’s an IMC rescue practice session in Wicklow.

(3:53, 16MB)


Climbing at Glendalough … with the Spillikin in the background!

(12:46, 52MB)


Fifth Avenue, Arrowhead, and other Dalkey routes.

(7:21, 30MB)

IMC Hut at Glendasan

Turning a farmhouse into a club hut.

(3:54, 16MB)


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