Magazines Roundup

Magazines Roundup

(by Áine O’Reilly, July 2012 – February 2013)
An international roundup of some of the world’s great climbing and mountaineering magazines and journals, and some closer to home.


Die Alpen / Les Alpes / Le Alpi

   Magazine of the Swiss alpine club.

Archived on line; login/membership required to access text of articles (photos and headings are available to all)

German version:
French version:
Italian version:
Country of origin: Switzerland
Publisher: Stämpfli Publikationen
First published: 1864
Issues per year: 12


   What they say: Alpin – The Mountain Magazine. The confident claim makes clear what Alpin is about: competence in the mountains, for all who delight in them, be they hikers, climbers, skiers or mountain bikers. Alpin provides enough food for the everyday passion, and plenty of information in the form of tests, practical tips and tour collections, but also many dreams through reports about and panoramas of the most beautiful mountains in the world.

Country of origin: Germany
Publisher: Olympia Verlag, Nürnberg
First published: 1963
Issues per year: 12

Alpine Athena

   What they say: Alpine Athena is a core-focused woman’s alpinism magazine dedicated to the woman climber, alpinist and mountaineer. This publication strives to be the leading voice for the woman climber, whether she’s an alpinist, boulderer, rock climber, ice climber, or mountaineer.

Country of origin: U.S.A. (Washington)
First published: 2011
Issues per year: 8 (all published in 2011)

Alpine Journal

   The Alpine Journal is a 400-page annual record of mountaineering and the mountain experience which has been published continuously since 1859 and is issued free to members of the Alpine Club.

Issues from 1969 onwards are fully digitised on their website and can be viewed and searched by Volume or Area. Earlier journals’ indexes can be viewed as PDFs.

Country of origin: United Kingdom
Publisher: The (British) Alpine Club
First published: 1859
Issues per year: 1


   What they say: Alpinist Magazine “is an archival-quality, quarterly publication dedicated to world alpinism and adventure climbing. The pages of Alpinist capture the art of ascent in its most powerful manifestations, presenting an articulation of climbing and its lifestyle that matches the intensity of the pursuit itself”.

Country of origin: United States
Publisher: Height of Land Publications
First published: Winter 2002
Issues per year: 4

American Alpine Journal

   The American Alpine Journal “is internationally renowned as the finest publication of its kind—the world’s ‘journal of record’ for documenting significant climbs”.

Only recent additions are available online; they are in the process of digitising old volumes (eAAJ).
Reports: First ascents from around the world, reported by the climbers.
Articles: The history-making climbs of the year, as told by the climbers.
Departments: Book reviews, obituaries, preface, and club activities.
Resources: The International Grade Comparison Chart, topos, maps, and the eAAJ.

Country of origin: United States
Publisher: American Alpine Club
First published: 1929
Issues per year: 1

AMI Magazine

   The Association of Mountaineering Instructors is the representative body for professionally qualified mountaineering instructors in the UK and Ireland.

What they say: “The AMI Magazine is distributed quarterly to all members. This magazine has rapidly become an industry leader and contains articles, reviews and letters to keep everyone informed on current affairs and modern practices.”

Non-members can subscribe for £20 per year (it appears).

One sample copy is available to view online.

Country of origin: U.K. (AMI covers Ireland too)
Publisher: Association of Mountaineering Instructors
First published: AMI formed in 1990
Issues per year: 4


   What they say: We inspire and enable people to enjoy the outdoors by providing the most trusted and engaging information about backcountry adventure in North America. Backpacker Magazine is your source for gear reviews, outdoor skills information and advice, and destinations for backpacking, camping, hiking, and other… Backpacker brings the outdoors straight to the reader’s doorstep, inspiring and enabling them to go more places and enjoy nature more often. The authority on active adventure, Backpacker is the world’s first "GPS-enabled" magazine and website. And with the iPad, we’re bringing our outdoor expertise right to the palm of your hand. The Manual – Twice-weekly newsletter by email. The Escape – Weekly newsletter by email.

Country of origin: U.S.A.
Publisher: Active Interest Media
Issues per year: 9


   Magazine of the Austrian Alpine Club.

All editions since 2005 are available on line.

Country of origin: Austria
Issues per year: 5


   What they say: For 75 years, Bergsteiger is one of most appreciated magazines for all mountain enthusiasts. The mix of topics covers the full range of alpine sports. With high quality images and texts, Bergsteiger evokes longings and provides current information about single and multi-day tours with a regional focus, summarised in removable tour cards. In addition, Bergsteiger supplies an extensive service section with brand surveys and expert product tests.

Country of origin: Germany
Publisher: Bruckmann Verlag, Munich
First published: 1930
Issues per year: 12


   What they say: “Magazine for risk management in mountaineering. Common publication of the Austrian, German, Süd-Tyrol and Swiss alpine clubs.”

Issues from Jan ’99 available on the website. Alphabetical archive of authors also available.

Issues per year: 4

California Climber

   What they say: “California Climber is the independent magazine dedicated to rock-climbing in California.”

The three issues published so far are available free online. Subscription costs $15 per year.

Publisher: Independent (Dean Flemming), with several sponsors.
Country of origin: U.S.A. (California)
First published: Summer 2012
Issues per year: 4

Canadian Alpine Journal

   “The Canadian Alpine Journal (CAJ) is an annual Canadian publication which provides a record of the Canadian mountain ethos and mindset. The CAJ includes articles and images that reflect the ways that Canadians approach mountain culture, history, sport and science. The CAJ represents Canadian climbing from coast-to-coast, as well as what Canadian climbers are doing outside of our grand country”.

Contents pages from 1995 onwards are online. They are selling a DVD with past issues.

Country of origin: Canada
Publisher: Alpine Club of Canada
First published: 1907
Issues per year: 1


   What they say: Climb Magazine “brings you the very best in climbing and mountaineering news and features from across the world. Combining superb photography with outstanding writing, our articles speak from the heart of the climbing life in all its forms and through all its seasons”

Preview of current issue and some articles archived online.

Country of origin: United Kingdom
Publisher: Greenshires Publishers, Leicestershire.
First published: March 2005
Issues per year: 12


   What they say: “Britain’s best climbing magazine for ALL Climbers”. Climber magazine provides all you need to know about the rock-climbing sport. Published monthly, each issue is packed with topical and detailed coverage of worldwide and UK climbing news and articles, climbing gear reviews, stunning climbing photos, plus great competitions.”

Country of origin: United Kingdom
Publisher: Warners Publishers, Lincolnshire.
Issues per year: 12


   “The North-East USA climbing magazine”

What they say: “Climberism magazine is a free digital climbing magazine with a strong Northeast influence. Our publication is delivered via e-mail once every two months along with a monthly newsletter. You can read Climberism on your home computer, iPad, iPhone, Android and most any other mobile device.”

Country of origin: U.S.A.
First published: July/Aug 2010 (digital edition)
Issues per year: 6 + monthly newsletter


   What they say: “Climbing exists to inspire people to climb, to seek new challenges, and to learn about the great diversity of mountain sports. We strive to be thoughtful, inclusive, and unswervingly authentic. We look out for the long-term vitality of our sport and our community by providing leadership, inspiration, and information concerning all aspects of the climbing experience, from bouldering to rock climbing to alpine mountaineering”.

“For 40 years, Climbing has been the leading source of information about climbing and mountaineering, as well as the values and community that have grown around these sports. Reaching more than 130,000 readers with 10 issues a year, the magazine is known for its stunning photography, expert technical advice, and rich coverage of routes, crags, and mountain ranges all over the world. It’s also beloved for a long heritage of epic survival stories, exclusive accounts of first ascents, and deep portraits of the colorful personalities that make the sport so lively”

Country of origin: United States
Publisher: Skram Media
First published: 1970
Issues per year: 10


   From an interview with Dario Rodrigez, “Mr. Desnivel”: "We started to publish Desnivel in 1981, 25 years ago. At that time the mountaineering magazines published in Spain were all linked to clubs or federations, and no independent editor existed. It was a moment when changes in the climbing world were taking place – for example the birth of free climbing – and the new generations needed a publication with a vision which went against the establishment and informed them of all these changes and of its protagonists. On the other hand, Spain was living a moment of intense cultural changes. Franco, the dictator, had died a short time ago, people were breathing the air of freedom and amazement and showed a great interest in everything new. In Madrid, at that time, there was a movement known as La Movida, which had a very interesting night-life and culture where alternative magazines of every type were born. Desnivel, in some way, participated in a similar movement which at that time was changing the world of mountains and climbing in our country."
(the first climbing publication to have a website in parallel)

Country of origin: Spain
Publisher: Ediciones Desnivel
First published: 1981
Issues per year: 12

DPM Climbing

   Dead Point Magazine

What they say: "Free climbing media for the young and unruly"

All issues free to view online.

Country of origin: West Virginia, USA
Publisher: Vertigo Publishing
Issues per year: 6


   What they say: Góry provides a monthly set of excellent material – reports from mountain expeditions, descriptions of the most attractive climbing sites and the most beautiful mountain peaks as well as reviews of mountain-related books, films and cultural events. Furthermore, as far as climbing technique, equipment and proper behaviour in the mountains are concerned, Góry serves as a professional guide. In the last few years we have put emphasis on journalism, including columns and book reviews. An absolutely new product is the annual Góry – Fotoedycja album with the finest mountain photographs submitted by the best photographers in the world.

Country of origin: Poland
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Góry, Krakow
First published: 1991
Issues per year: 12


   “Le seul magazine 100% escalade. Grimper vous emmène au pied des plus belles falaises du monde. Des actus, des tests de matériel, des interviews et tout ce qui fait la richesse de l’escalade, pour vous faire vivre au plus près la passion de la grimpe.”

What they say: “The only 100% climbing magazine. Grimper brings you to the foot of the world’s finest cliffs. News, gear tests, interviews, and everything that makes climbing so rich, to let you live closer to the passion of climbing.”

Country of origin: France
Publisher: Éditions Nivéales, Grenoble
First published: 1994
Issues per year: 12


   What they say: “Canada’s Climbing Magazine. From mountaineering to gym climbing, Gripped magazine captures the exciting world of climbing with inspiring photographs, features and news. Novice and expert climbers will find reviews of the latest gear, articles on exciting climbing destinations across Canada and around the world, and profiles of top climbers. Regular coverage also includes climbing news plus training and technique columns”.

Digital editions available costing GBP 13.17 for six editions:

Country of origin: Canada
Publisher: Gripped Publishing (supported by government of Canada)
First published: 1999
Issues per year: 6

Himalayan Journal

   What they say: “Published since 1929, it is the most authentic and authoritative reference on the activities in the Himalaya. It covers climbing, explorations, scientific observations and almost all aspects related to the Himalaya. The contributors include some of the best writers and climbers active in the range. These publications have now been recognised as the foremost authority in climbing in the Himalaya, Kararoram and the Hindu Kush.”

All previous issues are available on the website of the Himalayan Club.

The Himalayan Club Newsletter has been published since 1951. It covers the climbs in the Indian Himalaya exhaustively. The other major events in the Himalaya, news and views and details of the Himalayan Club activities are covered.

Country of origin: India
Publisher: The Himalayan Club / Oxford Unitversity Press
First published: 1929 (newsletter: 1951)
Issues per year: 1 (newsletter: 3)

Irish Mountaineering Club Newsletter

   What we say: “The IMC Newsletter is distributed to all IMC members. It contains articles written by members about their adventures and any other things that come into their heads, as well as containing schedules of upcoming meets and other information from the committee.”

Most past issues online on the club’s website.

Country of origin: Ireland
Publisher: Irish Mountaineering Club
First published: August 1950
Issues per year: 4

Irish Mountain Log

   What they say: Mountaineering Ireland publishes the Irish Mountain Log, an A4 full-colour newsletter, four times per year to keep members informed about the activities of Mountaineering Ireland, courses and discount deals, and about issues that are current in the mountains – in particular regarding any access and safety information. All members, whether Individual, Club or Associate receive a copy which is posted directly to your residence.

Some back issues available online.

Country of origin: Ireland
Publisher: Mountaineering Ireland
First published: Over 40 years ago
Issues per year: 4


   What they say: Klettern inspires, informs and involves climbers and mountaineers, boulderers and alpinists, athletes and connoisseurs. In short, all people interested in climbing. Whether beginner or experienced climber, professional or casual climber, Klettern is for everyone. Made by competent climbers, the editorial coverage ranges from classical mountaineering to sport climbing, and advice for travel, training and beginners all the way to expeditions and competitions. Reports on technical development, tests, reviews of different brands and route suggestions bring a lot of useful information to the ambitious climber, as well as the beginner.

Country of origin: Germany
Publisher: Motor Presse Stuttgart
Issues per year: 8

Kootenay Mountaineer

   The Kootenay Mountaineer, the newsletter of the KMC (Kootenay Mountaineering Club, British Columbia), is published four to six times per year and includes notes from executive meetings, trip and route reports, and other outdoor-oriented articles.

PDFs of newsletters from 2008 onwards are available online. An index of previous editions is also available.

Country of origin: Canada
Publisher: Kootenay Mountaineering Club (British Columbia)
First published: Spring 1965 (Kootenay Karabiner)
Issues per year: 6

La Montagne et Alpinisme

   What they say: Published since 1905 by the (French) Alpine Club, La Montagne et Alpinisme appears in a new format since 2005. Its editorial line: all the mountain, at all levels, and from all points of view, sport, culture, environment and society. A high-standard publication with 15,000 subscribers and passionate – volunteer or professional – collaborators, La Montagne et Alpinisme aims to be a useful magazine serving all mountain users and enthusiasts. Discoveries, human adventure, education, advice, meetings, debates, mountains, from here and from far away… La Montagne et Alpinisme tells four times a year of a living mountain so that everyone can find their way in this unique area of freedom.

Editorial, contents and start of each article since December 2005 available on line.

Country of origin: France
Publisher: Club Alpin Français
First published: 1905
Issues per year: 4


   "Évadez-vous sur tous les plus beaux sommets du monde avec de superbes reportages photos! Randonnée à pied, à ski, escalade, cascade de glace, alpinisme, les journalistes de Montagnes Magazine vous apportent une information technique pointue pour apprendre, progresser et préparer vos prochaines sorties avec tous les conseils sécurité, pédagogie, matériel et topos. Vibrez avec les récits passionnants d’expéditions des plus grands alpiniste et soyez au cœur de l’actualité du milieu!"

What they say: "Transport yourself to the world’s finest peaks with stunning photo reports! Hiking, skiing, ice-climbing, mountaineering; the journalists of Montagnes magazine bring you in-depth technical information so that you can learn, progress, and prepare your upcoming trips with all the advice you need about safety, training, equipment, and topos. Feel the buzz with riveting stories of the expeditions of the world’s greatest mountaineers and be at the heart of developments in the scene!"

Country of origin: France
Publisher: Éditions Nivéales, Grenoble
First published: 1978
Issues per year: 11


   The Mountaineers (mountaineering club) was formed in 1906 to explore the wild areas and peaks surrounding the city of Seattle. Today, it is home to around 10,500 active members.

What they say: Every other month Mountaineer brings you insight, news and views of what’s happening in not only The Mountaineers community but the greater outdoors community as well. Inside you will also find the trips, events and courses offered by our various activities in the "Go Guide" section – inviting you to scope out your adventure options and then turn to our website for more details or to sign up.

Indexed and digitised version of old editions available online in Mountaineers Library section of site.

Country of origin: U.S.A.
Publisher: The Mountaineers (Seattle)
First published: 1906
Issues per year: 4

Mountain Pro

   What they say: Mountain Pro magazine is the new quarterly online magazine for active, qualified mountaineering professionals. FREE to subscribe to and read, its content is unrivalled at providing coverage of the latest news, views, research, kit reviews, features and products in mountaineering and the outdoors.

Country of origin: U.K.
Publisher: Target Publishing
First published: October 2012
Issues per year: 4


   What they say: DAV Panorama is the publication and the magazine of the world’s largest mountaineering association. On the one hand it presents all 354 sections and on the other hand it is an entertaining magazine about the current world of alpinism.

Hut hiking, rock climbing, trekking: DAV Panorama leads its readers to the most beautiful destinations in the Alps and worldwide, offers enthralling reporting and portraits and provides valuable tips and information in the fields of safety and techniques, equipment, and health. From hikers to extreme climbers, each member is provided with the relevant information they need.

Country of origin: Germany
Publisher: Deutscher Alpenverein
Issues per year: 6

Past issues (since 1999) are online at the address provided above.


   What they say: Rock is Australia’s climbing magazine. It has been in print continuously since 1978, making it the oldest outdoor sport magazine in the country. Known and read by climbers all over the world, it is Australia’s only climbing magazine. From its inception Rock has featured Australia’s finest climbers, writers and photographers, from Greg Child, Glenn Tempest and Mike Law to the Cossey brothers, Monique Forestier and Simon Carter.

Published quarterly, Rock covers the whole gamut of climbing – sport, trad, bouldering, alpinism, climbing photography, lifestyle, training and gear – always with a uniquely Australian spin on the subject and a wry twist of humour.

Country of origin: Australia
Publisher: Prime Creative Medial
First published: 1978
Issues per year: 4

Rock and Ice

   What they say: “Rock and Ice is the only magazine owned and operated by climbers. For over 25 years, our editors, writers and photographers have poured their passion for climbing into the pages that have made award-winning Rock and Ice the sport’s true voice. Whether you are a beginner or expert climber, Rock and Ice is equally inspirational and informative, offering expert training and medical advice, gear tips, features on the best climbing areas here and abroad, and cutting-edge tales from real climbers who push themselves to the edge”.

Free digital editions are available here:

Country of origin: United States
Publisher: Big Stone Publications, Colorado.
First published: 1984
Issues per year: 8 (on average)

Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal

   What they say: The SMC Journal has maintained a continuous record of mountain activities in Scotland since 1890.

Overview of Journals up to 2007 available on line at present

Country of origin: Scotland
Publisher: Scottish Mountaineering Club
First published: 1889
Issues per year: 1

Scottish Mountaineer

   What they Say: The Scottish Mountaineer is a quarterly, full-colour magazine, exclusive to members, containing news, views, comment and events in the areas of our work: Access and Landscape, Mountain Skills, Get Active and Stomping Ground. It also has a substantial Features section containing articles written by members, most of whom would call them themselves amateurs, but many are authors as well as active mountaineers and hill walkers.

Text of previous editions (2004 onwards) available on their webste.

Country of origin: Scotland
Publisher: Mountaineering Council of Scotland
First published: 1998
Issues per year: 4


   The magazine of the British Mountaineering Council.

Past issues available online, from issue 41 onwards.

Country of origin: U.K.
Publisher: British Mountaineering Council
Issues per year: 4
GBP 2.99, free to BMC members.

Trail & Timberline

   What they say: Trail & Timberline is the quarterly magazine of the Colorado Mountain Club, sent to over 7,000 members and subscribers. Published continuously since 1918, the landmark issue number 1001 was released in January 2009 after a complete redesign. The magazine contains news from the club, a column on health and fitness, suggested trips and destinations, and feature articles on everything from climbing fourteeners to the club’s conservation ethic.

PDFs of back issues are available on this site.

Country of origin: U.S.A.
Publisher: Colorado Climbing Club
First published: 1918
Issues per year: 4

Trek & Mountain

   What they say: Trek & Mountain was launched in November 2009 to fill the gap in the outdoors press for a magazine dedicated to worldwide trekking and mountaineering. Although there were, and are, some good titles that cover hillwalking and rock-climbing in the UK, there was no magazine dedicated to the thousands of trekkers and mountaineers that head off every year for adventures in the world’s great mountain ranges

Country of origin: U.K.
Publisher: Trek and Mountain (Bristol)
First published: 2009
Issues per year: 6


   What they say: European climbing report.

Country of origin: Italy
Publisher: Versante Sud srl, Milano
Issues per year: 1 (2004-2010 are available in English)

Urban Climber

   What they say: "The leading magazine covering younger climbers, the fastest-growing segment of the sport, Urban Climber reflects the passion and adrenaline of its readership with its sharp voice, innovative photography, and unbridled joy. Full of action-oriented images and stories from hot spots across North America, the magazine is equally at home in rock gyms, at sport crags, and in the increasingly popular bouldering areas being developed worldwide."

Country of origin: United States
Publisher: Skram Media
Issues per year: 8


   The French Vertical magazine was one of the most influential climbing magazines of the 80’s when it presided over and influenced where and what climbers climbed, and what they wore.

It has now been resurrected as the first European climbing magazine. The new Vertical magazine is published six times a year in four editions; English, German, Italian and French – this edition is the English one. The magazine contains really great photography which depicts some truly breath-taking images. Readers can glimpse what it might look like to be at the very top of one of the highest mountains on earth. The magazine tries to incorporate articles about different locations all over the globe. It is a pleasant glossy climbing magazine for those who are serious about vertical heights.

Vertical doesn’t seem to have a website.

Subscribe via online retailers, e.g.

Country of origin: France
Publisher: Éditions Nivéales
First published: 2006 (Original French magazine dates from 1985)
Issues per year: 6

Do you notice any obvious omissions? Áine would like to hear about them. Contact her through the usual channels.