Membership of the IMC automatically includes membership of Mountaineering Ireland (MI)unless you are already an existing member of MI through another associated club or as individual. The benefits of each are outlined below.

The Club year starts annually from 1st November and ends on 31st October following year and is aligned with the MI membership year where you get your insurance from. All members have additional 2 months (November – December) to renew their membership before it lapses.

Your membership is valid from the date when the payment is received and processed (usually within 3-7 working days) till the end of current membership year. Example: a membership paid today will expire on 31st October 2021 and cease on 31st December 2021.

September 1st opens the renewal time – all new members joining on or after 1st September can benefit from IMC & MI membership up to 14 months in their first year of membership. All existing members have a time window between 1st September and 31st January to renew, please consider renewing at the earliest opportunity for the ease of administration and planning.

Membership is open to anybody over 18 years of age who has an interest in mountaineering (including rock-climbing, hill-walking, ice-climbing, and bouldering) and its kindred activities.

Membership Benefits

        • Take part is organized trips, events & training throughout the year.
        • Take part in our New Members Programme (April-June).
        • Discount at outdoor shops in Ireland and abroad (typically 10%).
        • Access to the Club Hut in Glendalough and also to the huts in the UK of clubs with whom we have reciprocal rights.
        • Exclusive access to Forum and IMC WhatsApp Group.
        • Access to the Club’s extensive library.
        • A subscription to the Club’s Newsletter.
        • Joining the IMC is a great way to meet lots of fellow mountaineers & climbers. You will never be short of a partner!

Mountaineering Ireland’s Aspect of Membership

A significant part of our subscription fees (€35) goes towards MI membership, benefits of which include:

        • Public liability and limited personal accident insurance cover (details here). In addition, members wishing to purchase BMC insurance (normally only available to BMC members) should note that MI membership also qualifies you for this.
        • A subscription to the quarterly Mountain Log magazine.
        • Further discounts at outdoor-equipment shops, as well as discounts with Stena Line ferries and selected accommodation.
        • Opportunity to attend MI Meets & Gatherings with training & workshops.
        • Access to grants.
        • Further benefits as detailed here.

If you have any membership related questions, please contact our Membership Officer.

Membership Cards

The IMC does not produce its own Membership Cards, instead we use the cards distributed by Mountaineering Ireland which show your name and “Irish Mountaineering Club” on the front.

However, if you pay your MI subscription through another club then obviously this will not be the case but your MI card will be enough to secure discounts in most outdoor stores.  In exceptional cases where you need to prove membership of the IMC, please contact our Membership Officer for assistance.

Responsibility for maintenance of your personal details lies with you.  For example, if your email or postal address change during the year, please  update your details, otherwise you risk having your Newsletter, MI card or other important items sent to the incorrect address.

Also, ensure you select the right membership preferences referring to what details we can publish, what form of Contacts Booklet and Newsletter you wish to receive, whether or not to be included in the IMC WhatsApp Group.

You should also ensure that your details are correct in Mountaineering Ireland database.  This is required to purchase your MI Subscription & ensure your copy of Mountain Log magazine is posted out to you correctly. Your Logon Id within MI’s website is your email address.