New Membership

The Club subscription year starts on 1st November and ends on 31st October following year. You can join IMC at any stage of the year, however we don’t pro-rate the membership fee depending on the joining month. All new members joining after 1st September can benefit from membership for up to 14 months in their first year of membership.

To JOIN the IMC complete the online form click here.

We use the WordPress website to administer your personal and membership details together with your preferences and take subscriptions via PayPal, online bank transfer, cash or cheque.  We currently recommend online bank transfer. Please consider the alternatives and get in touch with Membership Officer if any questions.

To join the Club, please complete the following steps:

To JOIN the IMC click here.

Hillwalking, Hiking, Bouldering, Ice Climbing, Climbing, Mountaineering and other related activities can be dangerous and may result in personal injury or death. Each club member should be aware of and accept these risks and are responsible for your own actions and involvement

Please complete these details fully & accurately as the Membership Officer will need this information to create a Mountaineering Ireland (MI) profile on your behalf & pay your MI subscription.
You have two options for payment

    1. Pay via bank transfer by selecting the appropriate subscription below and user the coupon code IMCPAYBYBANK at checkout.
    2. Pay via paypal at checkout

The Membership Officer will only approve & process your IMC membership once both steps are fully completed, usually within 14 working days.

Your membership is valid from the date when the payment is received and processed till the end of current membership year.

Once your IMC membership has been approved you will receive an email from the IMC website containing your membership details

The IMC/MI membership cards are processed in batches (on a monthly basis) and once the card is issued, the Membership Officer will post this on to you (unless you joined as an existing MI member).

Should you have any questions about joining the IMC, please contact

Payment Methods

If you would like to pay via online funds transfer, please find the IMC bank details below:

Bank:      Bank of Ireland, 2 College Green, Dublin 2
Account name:   IMC
Account:   16305626
Sort Code: 900017
IBAN:      IE15BOFI90001716305626

Please clearly mark any such transactions “IMC Sub” and state YOUR FIRST & LAST NAME to facilitate payment reconciliation as otherwise your membership cannot be processed.

If you would like to pay by PayPal, process the payment to:

  • Merchant Account ID: 9BRFY9GCWNQZS
  • PayPal ID / Email Account:

Subscription Rates:

Annual Individual Membership: €60

This subscription is open to anybody over 18 years of age interested in joining IMC or existing
members renewing their IMC membership.
Subscription includes €35 for membership of Mountaineering Ireland and is non-

Annual Concession Membership (Unwaged/Student/Senior): €50

This subscription is available for unwaged, students and seniors members. Seniors are 66
years of age and over.
Subscription includes €35 for membership of Mountaineering Ireland and is non-

Annual Individual Membership when you pay MI fees through another club: €32

This subscription is available for already existing member of Mountaineering Ireland (MI),
either via another associated Club or as individual. You must provide your MI
number in the online application form.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your MI subscription is valid for the whole period of
current IMC membership year which starts annually on 1st November and ends on 31st
October following year.
Subscription is non-refundable.
Note: This rate may not apply for Individual Members of MI as your renewal date may not
match up – contact the Membership Officer at if in

Note: a concession rate of 22 euro applies for unwaged, students and seniors when your MI fees are paid through another club .

Annual Joint Membership (2 members residing at the same address): €110

This subscription is available for two members residing at the same address. You will be
asked to provide the email address of second member.
Subscription includes €70 (€35 each) for membership of Mountaineering Ireland and is non-

Note: a concession rate applies joint membership if one (100 euro) or both (90 euro) members are unwaged, students and seniors.