Newsletters 1960-1969

[table] IMC Dublin Section Newsletter No. 2 May 1969,IMC Dublin Section Newsletter No. 2 May 1969 (pdf)
Club News
Army Curfew at Bloat House
Irish Andean Expedition,Paddy O’Leary
holiday guide to the Alps,Peter Shorrt
New Climbs
Hut Finance Report,Barry O’Flynn
Irish Greenland Expedition Report
[/table] [table] IMC Dublin Section Newsletter No. 3 October 1969,IMC Dublin Section Newsletter No. 3 October 1969 (pdf)
New Routes
[/table] [table] IMC Dublin Section Newsletter No. 1 December 1968,IMC Dublin Section Newsletter No. 1 December 1968 (pdf)
1968 AGM Report
First Aid for Climbers
Irish Greenland Expedition 1968: Preliminary Report
New Climbs
Mountain Rescue Association: Report 67/68
[/table] [table] Irish Mountaineering 1968,Irish Mountaineering 1968 (pdf)
Night over the Gorgon(Greenland),Phil Gribbon
The Snow Scene(Ski Touring),Noel Masterson
The Great Corner(Mournes),W. Jenkins
Alpine Accident,Seán Rothery
Diary of a Hard(Caving),Gareth Jones
The Newton Club
Glendasan Log Book,(Rescue)
Guide Books and New Climbs 1967
Welsh Week End?,Joss Lynam
A Bonny Bunch of Roses(Connemara Island Hopping),Uinseann Mac Eoin
Irish Mountain Rescue Reports
Alpine Notes,Peter Shortt
Obituary: Harold Johnson
Mountain Rescue Association Report 66/67
Club Notes
Cave Exploration in County Monaghan
[/table] [table] Irish Mountaineering 1966 (part 1),Irish Mountaineering 1966 (part 1)(pdf)
North West Ridge of Rakaposhi(Himalaya),Paddy O’Leary Joss Lynam
A Route In The Mournes (Pigeon Rock),Robin Merrick
Petit Piton (St. Lucia),SB Moorehead
the Scott-Kilvert memorial Hut(Tasmania),David Armstrong
Poetic Justice(Sliabh beg – Mournes),Calvert Moore
Biancograt ’66 (Switzerland),Ingrid Masterson
[/table] [table] Irish Mountaineering 1966 (part 2),Irish Mountaineering 1966 (part 2)(pdf)
New Climbs 1965-1966
The Tower Ridge (Ben Nevis),Norah Moorehead
Retreat to Ikamiut(Greenland),Phil Gribbon
Some Early Clerical climbers,J McLachlan
[/table] [table] Irish Mountaineering 1965,Irish Mountaineering 1965 (pdf)
1964 Ulster Expedition to Taurus Mountains(Turkey),Bert Slader and John Wheatley
Dot’s Delight(Lower Cove),Pat Kavanagh
Time Out of Mind(Donegal),Charlie Boyd
Buachaille Etive Mor,Des Agnew
A Journey to Happiness(Zermatt),Liam Smith
Well – Where’s the Body?(Mournes Rescue Team History),Phil Wood
Expedition to Arctic Norway,Calvert Moore
Alpine Notes 1965
New Climbs 1964/65
Club Notes
The Knife Ridges of Ireland,Joe Glover
A Climb with a Difference(Skelligs),Tom Finn
Gaudeamus Igitur(Greenland),Phil Gribbon
Babes in the Alps(Stubai-Austria),Norah Marshall
Obituaries: Harry Jacques, C.R.P. Vandeleur
[/table] [table] Irish Mountaineering 1964,Irish Mountaineering 1964 (pdf)
The Himalayas,John Murray
Glenreemore or Glenmalure – Where Does The Fugitive Prince Lie? (Art & Neil),Tomás Ó Cuinn
Origin Of The Hart Walk(from “The Way I Went”),R.L. Praeger
The Taringrator is a Machine(Fiction),Michael Quinn
Mountains of the Moon,John Morrison
The High Atlas,Geoffrey Earnshaw
How It Came To Be Written(RE: “Mountaineering In Ireland”),Claude Wall
The Dauphiné 1963,David Rowe
What The Pyrenees Have That The Alps Haven’t,Brian Farrington
New Climbs 1963
Club Notes
Obituary: Charles Bury; C.J. Tipping; C.B. McWeeney
[/table] [table] Irish Mountaineering 1963,Irish Mountaineering 1963 (pdf)
The Fearless Alopex(baffin Island),Phil Gribbon
Ariel(Lough Barra),Pádraic O’Halpin
Impromptu(Interview: F Winder, E Goulding; T Ingram)
Ski (In Wicklow),Hilary Quinlan
Comb Gully – Green Gully (Ben Nevis),Paddy O’Leary
High Atlas: Jebel Toubkal,Geoffrey Earnshaw
Irish Himalayan Expedition 1964
New Climbs 1962
Climbing Abroad
Club Notes
Obituary: Robert Lawlor
[/table] [table] Irish Mountaineering 1962,Irish Mountaineering 1962 (pdf)
The Accursed Mountains(Pyrenees Walking),John Challoner
The Black Stairs,Phil Gribbon
West Face of the Dru,Emmet Goulding
Eleventh Hour Conquest(TCD+Whillans in Andes),George Narramore
Aiguille de Bionnassay,Barry O’Flynn
Week-end in Ardgour(Scotland),Avid Naylor
A Lahul Diary 1961,Joss Lynam
Club News
New Climbs – 1961
Book Reviews
[/table] [table] Irish Mountaineering 1961,Irish Mountaineering 1961 (pdf)
Via Fehrmann(Dolomites),Peter Grindley
The Awesome Cauldron(Mournes),Phil Gribbon
Climbing the Devil’s Tower(Wyoming),Mona Monahan
The Dom by the Festigrat(Switzerland),Lionel Carew
Weekend in Bon Echo(Canada),Brian Rothery
Some Old-time Reminiscences(Alps in 1920’s),Eoghan O’Brien
Memories(Ireland),L. Cuthbertson
Looking Back in Amazement(History),J. Butler
Climbing in the Canadian Northland,Phil Gribbon
Outsider(Menlove Edwards),Frank Winder
Obituaries: Mary Healy, Desmond Haughey
Random Harvest(Iran & Mexico),John Morrison  
New Climbs 1960
Foreign Affairs
Club Notes
[/table] [table] Irish Mountaineering 1960,Irish Mountaineering 1960 (pdf)
Bedsores, John Morrison
A Neglected Giant(Dent Blanche),George Narramore
Sherborne Kulu-Spiti Expedition 1958,Joss Lynam
Some Early Mountaineers(irish in 19’th Century),Liam Ó Réagáin
Ski Mountaineering,Euphen Stephenson
Across the Nephin Beg Range,Joe Glover
Trifthorn,Sylvia Yates
Imagit(Uganda),Seán Rothery
Tour de Baker(Washington State),Phil Gribbon
The Wearin’ o’ the Green(Royal Marines Irish Holiday),Vivian Stephenson
Pushing Up Standards of Alpinism,Brian McCall and Paddy O’Leary
The Abominable Cowman(History),Ciarán Mac An Fhailí
New Routes 1959,Club Notes
Alpine Notes Canada 1959