Newsletters 1970-1979

[table] Irish Mountaineering 1978,Irish Mountaineering 1978 (pdf)
One Upon a Time(Wicklow Early days),Noel Brown
Back Off Boulder,Phil Gribbon
The Mountain Log,Dave Walsh et al.
From Glen Head to Slievetooey,Uinseann Mac Eoin
Alam Kuh (2000ft), Joe Rotherham
Miboy(Fair Head),Mark Henry
A Climb in the Southern Alps(NZ),Stanley Mulvany
There and Back(Lug Walk),Noel Masterson
Further Afield(Julian Alps),John Murray
Impressions(Photography),Derek Howard
Cilo Dag 1977(Turkey),Alister McQuoid
Western Cwm Direct(Poem),Alan Tees
Tom Quinn: Obituary,Uinseann Mac Eoin
Plain Tales from on High(Nepal),John Kerr
The Best Climb in Ireland?,Ray Finlay Khel Parbat Joss Lynam
Thoughts on an (N)Ice Climb(Mournes),Norman Smith
An Paiste ‘s Faide ‘Steach(Brandon),Bairbre Sheridan
Book Review: Irish Walk Guides 1 & 2
Belfast Section Notes 1976/78
Dublin Section Notes
Dublin Section Alpine Notes
North-West Mountaineering Club
Obituaries (Joey Glover; Sé Billane; M.N. Clarke; M Murray)
[/table] [table] Dublin Section March 1977,Dublin Section March 1977 (pdf)
Access: At Any Price?(Mournes),Robin Merrick
Mountain Rescue,Martin Mulhall
Wicklow Mts by bus,Barry O’Flynn
Letters to the Editor
Irish Himalayan Expedition ’77
Irish Kishtiwar Himalayan Expedition
[/table] [table] Irish Mountaineering 1976 (pdf)
A Trek in the Hindu Kush,Noel Maguire
Welcome to Farewell(Greenland),Phil Gribbon
The Old Brenva(Mt Blanc),John Kerr
Greenland 1975,David Walsh
Bingorm,Des Agnew
Walker Spur’76(Grandes Jorasses,Richard Dean
Climbs in the Afternoon(Dauphine),Joss Lynam
The Forbes Arête(Aiguille du Chardonnet),Noel Brown
Traverse of the Meije(Dauphine),Ingrid Masterson
S.W. Ridge of the Pelerins(Chamonix),Mick Curran
Obituaries:Desmond Agnew; Bill Carroll; J.W. Healy
[/table] [table] Dublin Section Summer 1975,Dublin Section Summer 1975 (pdf)
A Winter Week in Glencoe and Ben Nevis,Benny Kinsella
A Day in Urner Granite ’73 (Switzerland),Ingrid Masterson
A Climb in the Dauphiné,Paul Donnelly
[/table] [table] Silver Jubilee 1948-1973 (part 1),Silver Jubilee 1948-1973 (part 1) (pdf)
How it all Started
25 Years Presidents
Rock Climbing In Ireland 1948-1973
Oberland Ski Traverse,Noel Masterson
Tasermiut 1971(Greenland),Joss Lynam
Scotland,L R carew
[/table] [table] Silver Jubilee 1948-1973 (part 2),Silver Jubilee 1948-1973 (part 2) (pdf)
Retrospect,J W Healy
East Ridge of the Plan,Peter Kenny
Five Days in Cedarberg(South Africa),Leslie Richardson
A Figment Of Time(Mournes-Fiction),Philip Gribbon
Ulster Afghanistan Expedition 1971,William Annett Teddy Hawkins
Brandon,Claude Wall
Winthrop Young & Mallory on Brandon,Brendan O’Brien
Guided Ascent of Lugnaquilla(Excerpt)(1827),G N Wright
Obituary: Noel Lynch,W J Smith
Secretary’s Report
Belfast Section
Alpine Notes
Club Notes
[/table] [table] IMC Dublin Section Newsletter No. 7 1972,IMC Dublin Section Newsletter No. 7 1972 (pdf)
Mountain Hazard(Safety),Barry O’Flynn
Irish Greenland Expedition 1971,Joss Lynam
Guide Books(UIAA Guidelines),Barry O’Flynn
Grading System of the UIAA
New Climbs Lugala; Irelands Eye; Fair Head; Glendo
[/table] [table] MC Dublin Section Newsletter No. 8 October 1972,IMC Dublin Section Newsletter No. 8 October 1972 (pdf)
Secretary’s Report October 1972
New Climbs Dalkey; Irelands Eye; Luggala; The Bishop; Lambs Head
[/table] [table] Irish Mountaineering 1971,Irish Mountaineering 1971 (pdf)
The West Ridge of Qioqe Qioqe(Greenland),Phil Gribbon
The Gear Game,Seán Rothery
The Call of the Comparatively Wild(Training),Charlie Boyd
A Week-end in the Alps(Saas Fee),Robin Merrick
A Pacific North-West Classic(Mt Shuksan WA),Norah Moorhead
The Flying Dutchman(Sail Rock – Donegal)Phil Blake
Expedition Notes (Greenland; Andes; Turkey)
Guide Books and New Climbs 1971
Fair Head
Clive Wray
Strange Day Reflections(Chamonix),Lindsay Griffin
Club Notes
Obituaries: Charles Brim; Alan Walsh; Paul McDermott; Bruce Rogers; Arthur Little; Jack Coleman
[/table] [table] IMC Dublin Section Newsletter No. 4, 1970,IMC Dublin Section Newsletter No. 4 1970 (pdf)
AFAS – 1,Joss Lynam
AFAS – 2,Barry O’Flynn
[/table] [table] IMC Dublin Section Newsletter No. 5 1970,IMC Dublin Section Newsletter No. 5 1970 (pdf)
Letters (re: AFAS)
Climbing in the 60’s(History),Paddy O’Leary
The Future of Wicklow(Planning),Barry O’Flynn