Newsletters 1990-1999

[table] SPRING 1999,Spring 1999 (pdf)
A Permanent Home for the IMC?,Kevin Byrne
Alive!(Carrauntoohil Rescue),Ben March
Some Guidelines for IMC’s Introduction to Rock Climbing
Himalayan Meet,Paddy O’Leary
Insurance for Club and Individual Members,Des Clark
A Halting Site in Dalkey Quarry?,Frank Winder
Porn! Sex! Crack! Leprechauns?: The IMC Web Site,Peter O’Neill
[/table] [table] Summer 1999,Summer 1999 (pdf)
Tight Rope Please!(Beginners Glendo),Nina Phillips
Beginners on the Rocks Class of ’99,Donald Gill
IMC Beginners’ Night Report,Robbie Fenlon
Loop Head,Gerry Moss
Social Climbing(Review)
Himalayan Meet,Paddy O’Leary
Jim Millar Obituary,Joss Lynam
[/table] [table] Autumn 1999,Autumn 1999 (pdf)
1998 AGM Minutes
The Cordillera Real Bolivia,Alan Pope
Ong Gong Arête The Comeraghs,Peter Britton
The Pointy One(Matterhorn),Dermot Shiels
Five Peaks Challenge,Paul Cullen
MCI Meet
Arolla ’99,Donald Gill
[/table] [table] Winter 1999,Winter 1999 (pdf)
1999 AGM Minutes
Desert Brats (Las Vegas),Gerry Moss
Zermatt 1999,Kevin Byrne
Ruth Ohrtmann Obituary,Moira Quinlan
[/table] [table] IMC50: The Golden Jubilee 1948-1998, The Golden Jubilee 1948-1998 (pdf)
Editorial,Joss Lynam
Pre-History,Joss Lynam
The Founding of the IMC and a Personal View 1948-69,Joss Lynam
Dublin Section – seventies and early Eighties,David Walsh
The Belfast Section Early Years,Phil Gribbon
Belfast Section – The Sixties,Harry Elwood
Belfast Section – The Seventies,Robin Merrick
Belfast Section – The Eighties,Denis Rankin
The Current State of the Club,Liam Convery(Chair)
Claude and Vera Wall’s Diaries,ed. Aidan Wall
Note: The remaining content in this book consists of reprints of previously published articles as per the table of contents(pages 3 & 4). These are not included in this scan but can be found in the original publications on this site
[/table] [table] Spring 1998,Spring 1998 (pdf)
The Playbank,Gerry Moss
Reprint of IMC Journal Vol. 1 No. 1, August 1950
[/table] [table] Summer 1998,Summer 1998 (pdf)
St. Patrick’s Weekend,Gerry Moss
Fred Thompson Obituary,W.H.
May Weekend Connemara,Jacinta Wright
New Members Introduction,Amanda Pyke
[/table] [table] Autumn 1998,Autumn 1998
Impressions of Arolla,Fran McGinnity
Ailefroide – Dauphiné Alps,John Guy
Picos de Europa – Northern Spain,Kevin Byrne
Book Review: No Ordinary Man,Michael Ward
Comrade Lysenko – Peter Kenny,Frank Winder
[/table] [table] Winter 1998,Winter 1998 (pdf)
Camino de Santiag,Bill Hannon
Wales Meet ’98,Ben March
Climbing Waterfalls: Lockwood’s Chimney,Michael Callan
[/table] [table] Spring 1997,Spring 1997 (pdf)
Falling into You(Climbing Indoors),Gerry Moss
The Deserted Village(Lough Dan),Frank Winder
A Tale of Two Falls(Scotland),Sé O Hanlon
Collin’s Gully on Corrán Tuathail,Nollaig Ó Ceallaigh
Wicklow Mountains National Park Study,Frank Winder
[/table] [table] Summer 1997,Summer 1997 (pdf)
St.Patrick’s Weekend – A Reminiscence(Lake District),Steve Peel
Dingle – June Bank Holiday Weekend,Martina Walsh
he Donegal-idays,Des O’Loughlin
A Submission on the Wicklow Mountains National Park Study,IMC Committee
Dalkey: What the Guide Left Out
Introduction to Climbing,Bríd Gleeson/Geraldine Nolan
[/table] [table] Autumn 1997,Autumn 1997 (pdf)
Over the Bridge to Skye,John Patton
Boulder-Bumbling in North Yorkshire,Arthur Green
Days Like This(Alps & Scotland),Gerry Moss
An Alpine Introduction,Fiona Deering
The Abominable Cowman(1960 Reprint),Ciarán Mac an Fhailí
[/table] [table] Winter 1997,Winter 1997 (pdf)
1997 AGM Minutes
A Six-Star Day(Dinas Cromlech),Paul Keogh
Walking in Tenerife – Mt. Teide,John Patton
New Climbs – Carrick Mountain Co. Wicklow,Gerry Moss
[/table] [table] Spring 1996,Spring 1996 (pdf)
Who was Frankenstein,John Forsythe
Mining History Society of Ireland
IBL 95-96 Results
[/table] [table] Summer 1996,Summer 1996 (pdf)
Boyzone(Lake District),Gerry Moss
An Ice Climb Borrowdale March 96,Ernie Brace
[/table] [table] Autumn 1996,Autumn 1996 (pdf)
“Five” go to Chamonix,Kevin Byrne
Seventh Heaven?,Sé O’Hanlon
Eddie Gaffney – An Appreciation,John Forsythe
[/table] [table] Winter 1996,Winter 1996 (pdf)
1996 AGM Minutes
Gola,Gerry Moss
Alpine Moments(Engadine),Michael Scott
The MCI Draft Environmental Policy,Frank Winder
[/table] [table] Spring 1995,Spring 1995 (pdf)
A Visit to an Off-shore Island(Boating on Shannon),Ernie Brace
Wet Wet Wet(Connemara meet),Gerry Moss
Croagh Patrick on Reek Sunday,Sé O Hanlon
Piz Badile – N.E. Face Cassin Route,Alan Chambers
Holyhead Revisited,Gerry Moss
[/table] [table] Summer 1995,Summer 1995 (pdf)
The Bottom(Lake |District Meet) Line,Gerry Moss
Drinkers and Other Delights(New Members Program),Richard More-O’Ferrall
[/table] [table] Autumn 1995,Autumn 1995 (pdf)
Trip to Scotland June ’95,Michael Scott
Cúchulainn Groove Glendalough,Helen Condon
The Mournes,Gerry Moss
An Introduction to the Beara Way,Ernie Brace
[/table] [table] Winter 1995,Winter 1995 (pdf)
The Great Eiger Adventure,Gerry Moss
Autumn Sonata(Scotland,Peter Nevin
The Role of the Meet Leader
[/table] [table] No.1 1994,No.1 1994 (pdf)
Galtee/Comeraghs Meet Jan 1994,Des Doyle
Benleagh – Lower Baravore,Gerry Moss
Iceland – Where Bananas Also Grow,Sé O Hanlon
Bouldering League Results
[/table] [table] No. 2 1994,No. 2 1994 (pdf)
St. Patrick’s Meet(Lake District),Gerry Moss
Diary of a Week in Cumbria May ’93,Ernie Brace
Club Outing to Pembroke Larry Cuffe
Seventh Heaven,Liam Reinhardt
Lough Belshade,Gerry Moss
Alarming Levels of Radiation in Irish Caves
[/table] [table] No. 3 1994,No. 3 1994 (pdf)
The Mourne Seven Sevens,Cormac McGrane
Hopping Over to Hollyhead,Gerry Moss
Senior Citizens in the Dolomites,Bill Hannon
The Twelve Bens of the Ande,Iain Ballesty
No More Rest Days Please!(Scotland),Peter Nevin
The Road to the Isles(Scotland),Tom Greene
Alpine Mountaineering 8-24/7/1994,Deirdre Ní Choileáin
Intro to Climbing: A Short Story,Louise Grant
[/table] [table] No.1. 1993,No.1. 1993 (pdf)
AGM & EGM Reports
Do Aphrodite’s Feet Smell?(Cyprus),Cormac McGrane
The Bangor Trail,Joss Lynam
[/table] [table] No.2 1993,No.2 1993 (pdf)
A Short Story(Cyprus),Cormac McGrane
Club Morality(1954: Moral Hazards of Mixed Camping)
[/table] [table] No.3 1993,No.3 1993
Fair Head Meet ’93,Ernie Brace
Ireland’s Eye Meet,Larry Cuffe
Cyprus – The Walking Bit,Cormac McGrane
[/table] [table] No. 4 1993,No. 4 1993 (pdf)
Cornish Rhapsody
Kerry,Larry Cuffe
Wales,Sé O Hanlon
In Praise of Luggala,Gerry Moss
Bouldering Competition in Midleton,Aislinn Adams
Crag-Hopping Meet(Lovers Leap. The Bishop),Helen Condon
Ronnie Wathen Obituary,Bill Hannon
[/table] [table] IMC Journal 1989-1993,IMC Journal 1989-1993 (pdf)
The Hart Walk,Brian Searson
The Slieve Fluich Mountains(Humour),John Forsythe
In the Footsteps of the Arctic Fox(Spitzbergen),Dónal Ó Murchú/Dave Walsh
Sierra Nevada – Spain,Cormac McGrane
I Survived a Bus Tour(4 Peaks Challenge),Anonymous
Damp Evening in Dalkey,Joe Hobbs
Wet Rock – Ireland(Allidee/Donegal/Fair Head),Ralph Hance
[/table] [table] Dublin Section No. 2 1992,Dublin Section No. 2 1992 (pdf)
Bill of Cleare – Cape Cleare Island
St.Patrick’s Weekend Meet to the Lake District,Gerry Moss
Wales – June Bank Holiday Weekend,Peter Nevin
Beginners Course 1992,Angela Higgins
Jimmy McKenzie Obituary
[/table] [table] Dublin Section No. 3 1992,Dublin Section No. 3 1992 (pdf)
Adventure on the North Face of Glendasan(Training),Sé O Hanlon
Everything but the Raincoat(Connemara Meet),Cormac McGrane
[/table] [table] Dublin Section No. 4 1992 ,Dublin Section No. 4 1992 (pdf)
Hut Debate,Gerry Moss
[/table] [table] Dublin Section No.1 1991,Dublin Section No.1 1991 (pdf)
Snow Camp on Lugnaquilla,Iain Ballesty
[/table] [table] Dublin Section No.2 1991,Dublin Section No.2 1991 (pdf)
Pembroke 1991
New Climbs 1: Howth Area,Gerry Moss
Oh Clare,Dave Ballesty
[/table] [table] Dublin Section No. 4 1991,Dublin Section No. 4 1991 (pdf)
The Lynam-Vandeleur List: A Short Note,John Forsythe
Wicklow National Park – Interpretative Centre(Submission)
[/table] [table] Dublin Section December 1991 ,Dublin Section December 1991 (pdf)
New Climbs: Barnbawn,Gerry Moss
Snowdonia!,Gerry Moss
A Short Tramp in the Slieve Gamph(Ox Mts,John Forsythe
Charlie McCormack Obituary,BH
[/table] [table] Dublin Section No. 1 1990 ,Dublin Section No. 1 1990 (pdf)
FMCI AGM 1990 Report
Warming-up and Cooling down,Deirdre Hurley
Meets Reports
[/table] [table] Dublin section No. 2 1990 ,Dublin section No. 2 1990 (pdf)
Beginner’s Luck,Andrew Butterfield
Nutrition,Deirdre Hurley
Milan(Sking),Colm O’Higgins
Blowin’ on the Wind(Lough Belshade/Fair Head,Gerry Moss
Donegal Trip,Donald Cross
[/table] [table] Dublin section No. 3 1990 ,Dublin section No. 3 1990 (pdf)
Pembroke with Ease,Dave Ballesty
What’s a Wobble Board?(Training,Deirdre Hurley
[/table] [table] Dublin section No. 4 1990,Dublin section No. 4 1990 (pdf)
Their Finest Hour or Celtic Twilight(Wales Meet)
Walking in Saudi Arabia,Deirdre Hurley