Newsletters 2000-2009

[table] Spring 2009,Spring 2009 (pdf)
Never A Dull Moment(Alps),Gerry Moss
2008 AGM Minutes
The Rich List(Best Irish VS”s),John Duignan
Spazzacaldera,Cearbhall Daly
Ireland”s Eye Meet,Aileen Moloney
Coum Dubh – Mweelrea,Conor Warner
Member Of The Decade,Gerry Moss
A Day On The Nordkante(Piz Badile),Conor Warner
[/table] [table] Summer 2009,Summer 2009 (pdf)
Murphy”s La (Kerry),Gerry Moss
John Armstrong Obituary,Alastair Yarrow
Mont Blanc,Allister Gerrard
Peaks Accessible from Zermatt,Allister Gerrard
Cullin Ridge 2007,Anthony Feeney
Shanks Mare (Wicklow),Barry O”Flynn
Arco 2009,Barry Watts
Ballykeefe Meet
Bolivian Express,Gerry Galligan
Rock Not In Guidebook(Wicklow),Alastair Yarrow
Gross Diamantstock,Dave Madden
[/table] [table] Spring 2008,Spring 2008 (pdf)
2007 AGM Minutes
Memories Of Frank Winder
Magic Malta Gorgeous Gozo,Gerry Moss
Uinseann MacEoin Obituary,Dermot Sheils
Pat Redmond Obituary
[/table] [table] Autumn 2008,Autumn 2008 (pdf)
An Giolla Deachair(Hugh Sharkey/Cruit),Gerry Moss
Mt Elbrus,Kieran Kelly
Gran Paradiso,Allister Gerrard
Howling Ridge,Allister Gerrard
Lakes 08,Gerry Moss
IMC Spiti Expeditio,Sé O’Hanlon
Mountain Leader Award,Allister Gerrard
[/table] [table] Spring 2007,Spring 2007 (pdf)
Gola – Island Paradise,Gerry Galligan
Rathborney Valley,Conor Warner
Slab Men (Dalkey),Tony Barry
The Cave And The Colonel(Pembroke),David Craig
Lockwoods Chimney Revisite,Alastair Yarrow
Mount Ciaforon,Allister Gerrard
Loop Head 2006,Barry Watts
Romancing The Stone (Devon,Gerry Moss
Hart”s Walk,Barry O”Flynn
[/table] [table] Summer 2007,Summer 2007 (pdf)
Time Travellers (Snowdonia),Gerry Moss
Diary of an Aspirant SPA,Barry Watts
Grouse Grinds & Grizzly Bears,Dermot Keane
New Routes in Wickla,Sé O’Hanlon
Easter in the Forest(Font),Declan Craig
Fire & Ice in Rjukan,Dermot Sheils
Quick Visit To Fair Head,David Craig
Munro Note,David Walsh
Night On Bare Mountain (Lug),Barry O’Flynn
[/table] [table] Winter 2007,Winter 2007 (pdf)
Traverse of the Vagakallen,David Craig
Islands In The Stream(Jersey,Gerry Moss
Barre Des Ecrins,Kevin Byrne
Holy Terrors (Bonfire Buttress),Gerry Moss
The Sourdough Expedition,Barry O’Flynn
[/table] [table] Spring 2006,Spring 2006 (pdf)
A Journey To Ecuador,Donald Gill
“Total High” Book Review,Penny Bartlett
Culdaff Climbfest,Barry Watts
Ice in Argentiere,Kevin Byrne
Ice in Rjukan,Conor Doherty
Liam Ó Réagáin Obituary,Joss Lynam
The Lake District,Gerry Moss
Howlin” Day Out,Tony Barry
Winter Camp Mourne,Declan Craig
Hugh Sharkey Obituary,Kevin Byrne
Eulogy for Hugh,Liam Reinherdt
Swimming With Sharks(Connemara/Hugh Sharkey),Declan Cunningham
Memories of Conor & Hugh
[/table] [table] Spring 2005,Spring 2005 (pdf)
The Italian Dolomite Alps,Donald Gill
Climbers and Bird Nesting Season,Penny Bartlett
The Indian Himalaya – IMC Playground,Paddy O”Leary
A Rarely climbed route On Mont Blanc,Joss Lynam
Ageing Rock Stars(Atlas Mts),Gerry Moss
Great Gulley – Barravore,Harold Johnson
Climbing/Mapping Trip to Spiti,Paddy O”Leary
Book Review: High & Wild,Nicholas Keegan
Cascade Du Glace(Ecrins),Brian Geraghty
[/table] [table] Summer 2005,Summer 2005 (pdf)
IMC Dinner
Arco Meet – Lake Garda May 05
Sheeps Head New Routes(Pictures)
Last of Summer Wine(Audtria/Spain),Gerry Moss
Son Of A Pitch(New Members Program)
Great Gulley – Clarification
[/table] [table] Autumn 2005,Autumn 2005
Barres des Ecrins North Fac,Dermot Shiels
A Place Apart,Gerry Moss
Chang Tang 1994,Paddy O”Leary
Scottish Meet
[/table] [table] Winter 2005,Winter 2005
2005 AGM Report
Fortune favours The Brave(Snowdonia),Gerry Moss
Ice Gear
Costa Blance Trip,Ben Warren
New Climbs – Morocco,Gerry Moss
Ascent of the Dent Blanche,Patrick Stancombe
A Hard Day”s Climb(Matterhorn),Gerry Galligan
The Lake District,Gerry Moss
The Fellowship Of The Force 10(Ailfroide),Barry Watts
[/table] [table] Autumn 2004,Autumn 2004 (pdf)
Sean de Courcey (Obituary),Joss Lynam
Mountain Memory II (The Grepon 1962),Paddy O”Leary
Climbing In The Frankenjura (Germany),Barbara Gunter
Irish Expedition to Mt. Elbrus,Allister Gerrard John Patton Eileen Murphy
A Ridge Too far (Skye),Eileen Murphy
The Real Irish Elbrus Expedition,Declan Cunningham
Achill Island – August 04,Ramona Brand
Corsica”s GR20,Denzil Jones
Merry Folk Goodly Crags Joyful Climbing(Achill/Kerry),Conor Murphy
Pembrooke Meet,Rachel Cinnsealach
Knockadoon Update (New Routes),Gerry Moss
[/table] [table] Winter 2004,Winter 2004 (pdf)
Cho Oyu (Himalaya),Grainne Willis
Thirty Something(Snowdonia Meet),Gerry Moss
Sirens & Blue Flashing Lights(Rescue),Kieran Kelly
Mad Womans Leap (Hollywood),Brian Geraghty
Night Hawks(Wicklow Nightwalk),Gerry Moss
Burren Meet,Darin Curry
Island Peak (Himalaya),Gillian Murphy
AGM Reports
[/table] [table] Spring 2003,Spring 2003 (pdf)
Training and Development,Kevin Byrne
Mountain Skills Course,Conor Murphy
Book Review:Rince ar na Ballaí,Sé O Hanlon
Putting the Boot In (Lug),Gerry Moss
Western Atlas Mountains,Anne Gilton
Lug Camp – January 2003,Chris Clarke
Val di Mello,Conor O”Connor
Barre des Écrins,Robert Shortt
International Ice-Climbing Festival,Moira Creedon
The Gran Paradiso Ski Tour,Fionnuala Byrne
Everest 1953 – 2000,Kieran Kelly
[/table] [table] Summer 2003,Summer 2003
Lover’s Leap Co. Wicklow,Gerry Moss
Health Matters,Antoinette Gough
Looking Back to Move Forward(Beginners Program),Kevin Byrne
Travel Log – Scotland,Kieran Kelly
Tower Ridge Ben Nevis,Kevin Byrne
[/table] [table] Autumn 2003,Autumn 2003
Climbing with Gwynn(memories of JGG Stephenson),Joss Lynam
Seventh Heaven,Kevin Byrne
Mournes Meet August Bank Holiday,Penny Bartlett
Travel Tales(South America),Brian Rowe
The Brocken Spectre,Barry O”Flynn
Via ferrating in the Dolomites,Elaine Mullen
Zermatt: A Climber”s Guide,John Duignan
Strange Times(Alps),Kevin Byrne
Mini Epics for Beginners(Ireland”s Eye),Moira Creedon
Of Ice And Men(Austria),Declan Cunningham
Physical Training For Mountaineering,Chris Clarke
[/table] [table] Spring 2002,Spring 2002 (pdf)
Hut at Glendasan – Biting the Bullet,Gerry Moss
Obituary: Frank Doherty,Joss Lynam
Zermatt and the Matterhorn 2001,Kevin Byrne
Albert Smith 1816-1860,Barry O”Flynn
Book review: The Mountains of my Life,Kevin Byrne
Ice-climbing in Austria,Conor Burns
Ice-climbing in Austria,Moira Creedon
Off the Wall(Review),Gerry Moss
“In Africa No Hurry” :Christmas on Mt. Kenya,Penny Bartlett
Book Reviews: Discovering Wild Wicklow,Barry O”Flynn
[/table] [table] Summer 2002,Summer 2002 (pdf)
Hut Debate
A Wet Weekend in Connemara,Kevin Byrne
Long-Distance Walking Routes,Barry O”Flynn
The Forkin Ridge(Glensheil),Paddy O”Leary
Climbing in the Greater Ranges,Sé O Hanlon
Come Back as Friends (Group Dynamics)
Reflections on the Comeraghs,Sara Spencer
Off the Wall(Review),Gerry Moss
Dry Rock in Not-so-Sunny Spain (La Pedriza),Herbert Herzmann
Sardinia,Gerry Moss
[/table] [table] Autumn 2002,Autumn 2002 (pdf)
Off the Wall(Review,Gerry Moss
Role of Meets Leader
Winter Bivvy on Tower Ridge,Paul Cullen
Because They Are There!(Conchobar O Shaughnessy),Barry O”Flynn
Grunnda to Greadaidh(Skye),Eileen Murphy
Mount Rainier Washington,Alison Gardner
Pyrenees 2002,John Patton
[/table] [table] Winter 2002,Winter 2002 (pdf)
2002 AGM Report
Memory Lane(Access Issues),Gerry Moss
Barnbawn – November 2002,Kieran Kelly
Mountain Safety
Carrick Mountain Co. Wicklow,Gerry Moss
A Day to Remember(Chamonix),Kieran Kelly
[/table] [table] Spring 2001 ,Spring 2001 (pdf)
Formes du Chaos(Cellian Ice Climbing), Fergal McGirl Brian Rowe Martina Walsh
Off the Wall(Review),Gerry Moss
Modern Aids(History),Barry O’Flynn
Shrinking Glaciers,Joss Lynam
Hints for Alpinists,Barry O’Flynn
The IMC in Wales ,Declan Cunningham
Mathew Bransby Obituary,Jason Burke – Observer
[/table] [table] Summer 2001,Summer 2001 (pdf)
Allez France!(Font Saffres Les Calanques), Gerry Moss
Off the Wall(Review),Gerry Moss
Howth & Portrane, Sé O Hanlon
Rock-climbing and Bush-bashing in Australia,Dermot Shiels
Ice-climbing Canadian Style
The Call of the Wild(Kilimanjaro),Fiona Daly
A Mountain Memory(Connemara), Paddy O’Leary
[/table] [table] Autumn 2001, Autumn 2001 (pdf)
New Members Program Guidelines
Off the Wall(Review),Gerry Moss
Throne of the Thunder God(India Trek),John Morrison
The MCI Meet in Bregaglia
North East Ridge of the Spazzacaldera,Pauline Delahunty
Chamonix June 2001 , Ronan Keane Dermot Shiels Frank Power Denis Corrigan
Book Review: Regions of the Heart,Kevin Byrne
[/table] [table] Winter 2001 , Winter 2001 (pdf)
2001 AGM Minutes
Aiguille de Bionnassay , Barry O’Flynn
Training Update, Peter Brown
A Ridge Too Far(Piz Badile) ,Declan Cunningham
Art O’Neill Walk 2002
Kilimanjaro – Magnet of Africa,Sara Spencer
Book Review: Doctor On Everest, Kevin Byrne
A Howling Good Time ,Sara Spencer
[/table] [table] Spring 2000,Spring 2000 (pdf)
Craggin’ on the Costa Blanca, Ben March
Aconcagua – A Beginner’s Guide, Conor Murray
The IMC Himalayan Expedition 2000,Brian Geraghty
Timber!(Hut Plantation),Barry O’Flynn
Leitrim Crags,Gerry Moss
Trip Information Index
[/table] [table] Summer 2000 , Summer 2000 (pdf)
EGM Minutes
Off the Wall(Review), Gerry Moss
On Being Shown the Ropes(New Members Program),Declan Cunningham
Back to the Black!(Skye),Kevin Byrne
Reminiscences of a Reluctant Climber(Connemara),Fiona Daly
A Climber’s Nightmare(Accident Report),Conor Murray
[/table] [table] Autumn 2000,Autumn 2000 (pdf)
Off the Wall(Review),Gerry Moss
Talk Has Turned to Cannibalism(Mt Cook NZ),Brian Rowe
Fairhead, Bébhinn Nic Liam
A Month in the Cordillera Blanca, Alan Pope
IMC Snow Camp on Lugnaquilla 1986,Bob Norton
In Patagonia , Fiona Deering
Triplets(Ailefroide),Ronan Keane
Austria 2000,John Patton
Deaths: Pat Colleran;Frank Butler
The Times They Are A-Changing(New Members Program Debate), Gerry Moss
Tides of Light, Conor Burns
[/table] [table] Winter 2000, Winter 2000 (pdf)
Off the Wall(Review),Gerry Moss
From McDonagh’s to the Matterhorn,Declan Cunningham
Solo Khumbu Adventure Trek 2000, Dermot Dignam
Kangla Tarbo 1,Paddy O’Leary
A Good Start(Nepal Trek),Sonya Cronin
New Year Book Reviews,Conor Murray
Frank Butler (1932-2000) , Noel Brown