Newsletters 2010-now

WINTER 2016/2017, Winter 2016/2017 (pdf)
Novices on the Nose, Sinead Rickerby
IMC Burren Trip, Various Contributors
Stone Wall – Jug City, Keith Johns
GR20 Trip Report, Kevin Byrne
Birds of a Feather [Part I], Gerry Moss
Diary of a Month in the Alps, Ger Murphy
Hiking in the Italian Alps, Donald Gill

SUMMER 2016, Summer 2016 (pdf)
The Glencoaghan Horseshoe, Ken Doyle
Carrot Ridge, Peter Thompson
Seven Days in El Chorro, Ambrose Flynn
The Glendalough Weekend, The New Members
Mixed Memories of Artic Senja, Dave Madden
New Member Perspectives, Anna Weiser & Andy Minshull
A Trip To The Lake District, Michela Benassi & Teresa Parke
Mont Blanc, Marie McCarthy

WINTER 2015/2016, Winter 2015-2016 (pdf)
The Lake District Trip, Jane Byrne
Club News/Favourite Books
Norwegian Slabs, Eric Corkery
Paul Hill, Sean Rothery
Greenland – A Sailing & Climbing Adventure, Gerry Galligan
Dalkey Revisited, Steve Young
Here Come The Nice, Gary Smith
On Tour In Tuolumne, Sinéad Patten
John Murray Remembered, Brendan Walsh
The Snowdonia Trip, Gina Spaight & Silé Daly

SUMMER 2015, Summer 2015(pdf)
IMC Costa Blanca Trip, Martina Fahey/Bartek Grodek/Ian Christie
New Member Perspectives, Cedric Spegagne/Derek Hendrick/Kasia Grabek/Gina Spaight/Pamela Morrison
The IMC Nepal Earthquake Appeal, Jon Smith
The Joe Reville Ireland’s Eye Meet, Clodagh Brennan
Memorable Climbs: The Great “Great Gully” Route, Herbert Herzmann
The Annual Migration to Winter Camp, Frank Creedon/Liam McNally
Springtime in Connemara, Sinead Rickerby
Where Did You Go On Your Holidays?, Paddy O’Leary
A Route Description Glossary, Gary Smith

SPRING 2015, Spring 2015 (pdf)
Bolting, Noel Caffrey & Sé Ó Hanlon
A Long Walk South by Sean Rothery (Book Review), Niall Ennis
Climbing Around Vienna, Herbert Herzmann
Dolomites, Colm Peppard
If I Could Only Remember Why (Route Names), Steve Young
Library News, Ruth Whelan
My Favourite Climb, Síle Daly
Winter Navigation, Rob Davies
St Jeannet (France), Harry Mcgee
Three Go Down To The Andes, Gerry Galligan
Training Program 2015
Snowdonia Meet 2014, Jon Smith
2014 AGM Minutes & Officer Reports

SPRING 2014, Spring 2014 (pdf)
My Favourite Climb,Conor O’Connor & Tony Barry
Snow camp on Cleevaun,Frank Creedon
Gravity Climbing Tips,Angela Carlin
A very severe Chamonix Experience,Sinéad Rickerby
The Sh!te Spider,Tina Ennis
What’s He Doing Now Jamie(Ardmore), Gerry Moss
A Fickle Winters Tale(Reeks),Ambrose Flynn
IMC Trip Report from Hemsedal, Norway Dave Madden
Mountain Training Awards in Ireland,Rob Davies
Connemara Meet,Vanessa Sumner
Ropes Explained, Willie Whelan
Remembering Geoff,Dave McNeil & Tony Barry
Success on Elbrus,Clíona McCarthy
2013 AGM Report,Eoin Ó’Neill

Autumn 2014, Autumn 2014 (pdf)
Moonlight Challenge, Aine O’Reilly
Scotland Winter 2014, Aidan Roe
Costa Blanca, Colm Peppard
Irish Rock Climbing Select Guide, Dave Flanagan
Obituary: Emmett Goulding
Scandinavian Slab Clinic(Setesdal), Dave Madden
Great Gola, Crystal Shimabukuro
My Favourite Climb, Jon Smith
The Ideal Belay, Rob Davies
St. Kevin’s Traverse(Glendalough), Cearbhall Daly
The Meets Team on Tour(Snowdonia/Lake District), Sinéad Rickerby
New Members Program, Louise Curtis
Bearnagh Slabs, Sinead Patten
Paklenica National Park(Croatia), Maria McCarthy
Wales Meet, Paul Nolan

SPRING 2013, Spring 2013 (pdf)
Nice 2012, Carol Ryan
Bivouac In A Backpack (Wicklow), Tina Ennis/Luke Breathnath
Snow Camp On Lug, Vanessa Sumner
Garhwal Expedition, Gerry Galligan
Aleck Crichton, Paddy O’Leary
The Cave (Luggala), Christy Rice/Paddy O’Leary
Open Street Maps, Peter O’Neill
Costa Blanca Climbing, Ian Christie
1953: Bingorm West, Pádraic O’Halpin
Gravity Coaching, Angela Carlin

Summer 2013, Summer 2013 (pdf)
Gravity Coaching, Angela Carlin
Carrot Ridge Drama, Ken Doyle
Clare Island, Gerry Moss
A Magical Mystery Tour (Costa Blanca), John Duignan
Lose Yourself(Joy of Maps), Seamus O’Hanlon
An Interview With Ricky Bell, Niamh Gaffney
Ski Mountaineering Meet, Peter Woods
On Tony Groves, Sé O’Hanlon
Winter 2013, Winter 2013 (pdf)
A First Visit To The Alps, Ambrose Flynn
2013 Beginners Program, Gary Smith/David O”Shea/Michael Slattery/David Jacobs
“Climbing Ramabang” Review, Paddy O”Leary
Fair Head Meet, Niamh McGreen
Finally Finale (Ligure), Ken Doyle
Joe Reville Irelands Eye Meet, Jane Byrne
Ballykeefe Meet, Niall Hedderman
Spain 2013, Geraldine Murphy
Ice Climbing In Argentiere, Alastair Gerrard
Mournes Revisited, Cillian Russell
Gravity Climbing Tips, Angela carlin
My Favourite Places, Larry Matthews

Spring 2012, Spring 2012 (pdf)
Cogne Trip report, Gerry Galligan
Noel Masterson, Noel Brown
Lugnaquilla (Winter Camp), Allister Gerrard
Carrot Ridge, Allister Gerrard
Scottish Winter Climbing, Allister Gerrard
2011 AGM Minutes & Reports

Summer 2012, Summer 2012 (pdf)
Anchor Corrosion
Ballykeefe Meet, John Costigan
Gravity Climbing Centre, Angela Carlin
Mournes Meet, John Costigan
Noel Walsh Obituary, Jim Sheehan
Become a better Climber, Alun Richardson
Club News
Expedition Grant Policy
Lake District Meet, Declan Craig
Check Your Harness Knot

Summer 2011,Summer 2011 (pdf)
Joss Lynam Obituary
Memories Of Joss
The Coffin Stone,Gerry Moss
Why”s Dat Climb called Dis,Steve Young
2010 AGM Minutes
Spearhead First Ascent,John Duignan
Before and After Spearhead,Peter Cooper

Autumn 2010,Autumn 2010 (pdf)
Ships That Pass In The Night(Bray Head),Gerry Moss
In Praise Of Luggala,Gerry Moss
Roll On The Winter,Sé O”Hanlon
Why”s Dis Climb Called Dat,Steve Young
The Poisoned Glen; 1970”s Onwards,Peter Cooper
The Cassin Route – Piz Badille,Dermot Shields
Matterhorn Trip,Anthony Feeney
The Realms Of Chaos(Donegal Sea Stacks),Iain Miller
Malinbeg Meet,John Duignan
Ecrin Guidebook Review,Kevin Byrne