Terms of Use

Website Moderation Policy

This website aims to be friendly and informal in tone, on-topic and spam-free, but to make sure it stays that way there are a few rules, and here they are.

Only people who are members of the IMC, or friends of the club who have been approved in advance, may register on the site. People are asked to give their real names when registering; unrecognised accounts may be deleted without notice. Existing accounts may be deleted or disabled if the user stops being a member of the club.

Nearly all material on the site is visible to the general public, and registered users can post material to the forum, and post pictures and comments to the gallery, any time. Others are welcome to submit material to the webmaster for consideration and posting on their behalf. IMC committee members have special access to a non-public area of the site.

Material posted to the site is subject to moderation. Material which may be deleted (or temporarily withdrawn) without notice includes threads which develop into heated disputes, and any material deemed nonsensical, offensive, illegal, or likely to bring the club into disrepute or expose it to legal liability. Members are welcome to occasionally advertise their own businesses or goods/services for sale in the appropriate section of the forum.

The webmaster is not necessarily a member of the IMC committee, but operates and develops the site using his discretion in accordance with club policy, on behalf of the club’s Publicity Officer. Any concerns about matters related to the site should be brought to the attention of the webmaster, but any decision of his may be appealed to the Publicity Officer, and ultimately the IMC committee, whose decision is final.