Introduction to Trad climbing Programme 2024

Every year the IMC run an introductory programme for new members to introduce Trad Climbing 

This year’s INTRO2TRAD24 programme will start at the start of April 2024 with an online information and Q&A session for current members of the club. 

If you are interested ensure you have paid your annual subscription for club membership.

Please note: this programme is not suitable for persons with no climber experience but rather for those looking to improve their trad climbing or those looking who have climbed sport/indoors.  If you are new to roped climbing, there is plenty of time to get the required experience indoors at one of the commercial walls/providers before joining the INTRO2TRAD24.

Programme Goal

The goal of the programme is to give new members practical experience of how to safely second a lead climber outdoors, how to remove protection, how to read a route and start thinking about leading yourself. 

Programme Overview

At the 6 nights in Dalkey (weather permitting) you will experience single pitch climbing where you can walk to the base of the route and walk away from the top of the route with relative ease. 

On the final weekend you will experience the more challenging multi pitch environment of one of the best mountain crags in Ireland, where you will need to put all you have learned into practice in a more challenging environment. Not all participants will be ready for this and the mentors will make a final decision on who is ready to take part in this. It may be the case that you need some additional single pitch experience before you venture down to Glendalough, so don’t take it personally.

Participation in the programme is also an opportunity for new members to get to know other club members and build up some climbing contacts. Following the programme you are encouraged to use your initiative to make alliances within the club and further develop your seconding and lead climbing skills by getting out as often as you can with other club members. Nobody can do this for you!

Programme Schedule

Sat 6th & Sun 7th AprilMentor meet to blow off the winter cobwebs and prepare for the Intro ProgrammeDalkey QuarryInvitation Only
Tues 9th AprilWelcome to the Club & Q&AOnlineAll welcome
Thurs 11th AprilClimb indoors, meet fellow mentors and mentees, any questions on gear etcDublin Climbing Center * 7pmAll welcome
Thurs 18th, 25th April
2nd, 9th, 16th May
Intro to Single Pitch Trad Climbing & abseilingDalkey Quarry – Meet at car park above the playground
6pm – dark
All welcome
Sat 18th & Sun 19th MayIntro to Multi Pitch Trad Climbing meet
Option to stay at the club hut
Glendalough upper lake car park – 10amInvitation Only

* please ensure that you are completed the entry procedure (registered and signed off to lead belay) BEFORE you arrive on the April 11th –

Further Information

Please see the Guidelines for the Introduction to Trad Climbing Programme 2020 for information. The INTRO2TRAD24 won’t follow this completely but a lot of work went into compiling this by some of my predecessors and there is a lot of very useful information about Trad Climbing to be learned from it. 

Gear Requirement

In order to take part in the programme the following minimum gear requirement applies for all. If you don’t have this gear you cannot take part for your safety and ours: 

  • Climbing Helmet 
  • Climbing Harness 
  • 2 X Locking Carabiners 
  • Belay device (ATC type or similar, not a figure of eight) 
  • Rock-climbing shoes
  • Climbing Sling 60cm or 120cm long
  • Prusik loop (6mm or 7mm – 1.5m-1.6m cordlet tied with Double Fisherman’s)
  • Gear extractor / Nut key
  • Outdoor clothing suitable to the weather on the day


If you are interested in mentoring or taking part in the programme please email Dave Homan, IMC Training Officer at with your full name, mobile number, current climbing experience.

Entry Requirements

IMPORTANT  This programme has entry requirements:

  • Must be paid-up Member of the Club
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have experience lead belaying
  • Must be healthy and free from any medical condition that would affect ability to climb safely
  • Must have both read and understood the MI Participation Statement: “Mountaineering Ireland recognises that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.”
  • Must have the minimum equipment listed above.
  • We will be using WhatsApp groups for communication purposes so please provide your full name and mobile number when applying to take part.
  • Also please note that photographs taken will be shared on our WhatsApp groups, Facebook page, website and other social media sites. So remember to smile 
  • There is a charge of €5 per night to stay at the hut for Intro weekend 

If you have any questions email