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  • SOH wrote to a friend:Attached is a summary of the hut insurance policy. let’s have your comments.
    Do you think that the sum insured on premises is a bit high at €420,000? I thought they only need to cover site clearance and rebuilding which would hardly cost that much.
    The policy mentions overnight stay by members but not non-members. Am I missing something? It seems to cover Employers Liability for €13,000,000. Could this have any meaning other than employers liability?
    It covers PL for €6,500,000 but does this not just duplicate MI’s Civil Liability policy for £5,000,000 sterling?SHe got a reply from a broker brother of the friend:
    The building should be covered for the reinstatement value of the property which should include removal of debris and architects costs. There will be a relatively small saving if you reduce this but any saving should be availed of.
    Clarify overnight cover with the broker. The schedule sometimes will only mention a part of this but clarify it with O Brien Finlay.
    The Employers liability probably relates to Casual repair work only. This policy may include it as standard. Check with the broker.
    The Public Liability cover will include premises Public Liability cover. You need this cover. Ask O Brien Finlay have they marketed this riskSSOH wrote back:
    but does he know that we have Civil Liability cover under the MI policy for almost the same amount as the IMC (€6m, £5m) policy and that we are assured by MI that this includes liabilities arising from the use of the hut.?
    Am I right in believing that only one policy will pay up to the insured limit (possibly the MI cover because we have that longer) or else the two insurers will split the cost?SHe got the following reply:
    Get cover in writing from MI insurer and ensure cover extended to property owners then we may save money but ensure written statement of cover not some MI member confirming same,SFrom: Karl Boyle Date: 27 April 2011 13:23 Subject: FW: Insurance To: [email protected]
    Dear Lloyd,
    Please see the response from our brokers below regarding the IMC hut and confirming public liability cover.
    The MI insurance does not cover employers liability, contents, etc. While, no one may be paid for doing tasks/duties in the hut it may be worth confirming with your existing broker/insurer any liability that may arise as a result of the engagement of members in duties in the hut.
    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Best regards,
    Karl Boyle
    Chief Officer
    Mountaineering Ireland
    S—–Original Message—–
    From: Andrew Goulbourne Sent: 27 April 2011 12:48 To: [email protected] Subject: RE: Insurance
    Hi Karl,
    To answer the query from Lloyd, I can confirm that the MI civil liability policy, arranged with Royal & Sun Alliance, does provide Third Party liability cover (i.e. Public Liability) in respect of an MI club’s ownership, management and/or use of a hut.
    I trust that this is in order.
    Best regards
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