Please refer to the Club Constitution for a full definition of roles within the IMC.

The President

  • Is the patron of the Club
  • Chairs all General Meetings
  • May attend but not vote at Committee meetings

The Chairperson

  • Oversees the operation and development of the Committee
  • Sets the agenda for and chairs Committee meetings

The Secretary

  • Deals with correspondence relating to Club affairs
  • Issues notices of General Meetings
  • Records and publishes the minutes of Committee meetings and General Meetings
  • Records and publishes details of Club policies

The Treasurer

  • Maintains the Club’s finances and accounts
  • Provides financial reports to the Committee
  • Presents the annual accounts to be audited

The Membership Officer

  • Recruits new members
  • Promotes involvement of new members in all Club activities
  • Tries to retain existing members
  • Monitors members’ membership status and proposes changes
  • Maintains and publishes membership records

The Training Officer

  • Organises and promotes training-related activities for the Club’s members.
  • Organises New Member program each spring

The Publicity Officer

  • Operates, maintains and promotes any publications and websites operated by the Club
  • Edits, produces and manages distribution of regular Newsletters
  • Encourages members to provide articles, reports, blogs, photographs for publication
  • Keeps members informed about the services, facilities and benefits available to them
  • Deals with general promotional publicity relating to the Club

The Meets Secretary

  • Promotes regular outdoor meets
  • Encourages experienced members to organise climbing meets
  • Organises presenters and facilitates indoor meets/slideshows

The Hut Warden

  • Operates, maintains and promotes the IMC Hut

The Librarian

  • Operates, maintains and promotes the Club’s library
  • Maintains the Club’s historical records

The Environmental Officer

  • To protect the mountain environment from encroachments and damage by ourselves and other bodies.
  • To create awareness of the value of certain landscapes and of the effects of encroachment on them.
  • To minimise the various problems facing our fragile environment due to its interaction with the people who live in and use it.
  • To increase awareness, suggest preventative and remedial measures that we can all implement in our everyday activities to prevent further loss of important habitats and ecosystems.

The Ordinary Committee Member

  • Two Ordinary Committee Members may be elected at AGM or co-opted by the Committee.

The Webmaster

  • Manages and maintains the Club Website
  • Moderates forum postings, blogs, comments or content changes
  • Publishes Newsletters, Committee Minutes
  • Facilitates any changes/updates to static content
  • Facilitates other Club officers in online promotion of Club events
  • Deals with any user queries or issues
  • Monitors and maintains security
  • Manages other online resources e.g. Facebook, Twitter

The Auditor

  • Ensures good governance of the Club
  • Audits the annual accounts
  • Identifies risks and ensure these are mitigated
  • Assesses financial processes and procedures
  • Assesses other processes such as voting, decision making, Committee hand overs/li>
  • Advises the Committee where appropriate
  • Reports to the AGM