Climb Every Mountain

(from IMC Newsletter Winter 2002)
This is a rhyme that was read out at the wedding of Brian Geraghty & Jill Hogan, two club members. Brian was a summiteer on Kangla Tarbo 1.

Climb Every Mountain

Brian and Gill went up the hill, it wasn’t to fetch water
Denis and Lindy were close behind, spying on their daughter
Now Denis he was getting on with a hint of the old Alzeimer
Brian was a third Dinny’s age a fit young mountain climber
Lovely Lindy was much younger than Dinny, the envy of all Newbridge women
Fit as a fiddle from the gym and early morning swimming

Now the hill in question was very steep it being one of the Himalayans
Old Denis was gasping for air moaning "Take me back to the Kildare Plains"
Brian and Gill reached the top of the hill despite atrocious weather
They pitched a tent and in they went, the pair lay down together.
Further down the slope giving up hope on this treacherous Indian Menace
Brian heard a voice in the snow and ice of the breathless Lindy n’ Denis
Luscious Lindy was ladylike and calm and spoke with fine sincerity
But Dinny was absolutely fuming; saying "I’ll kill that young Brian Geraghty
Draggin’ me daughter way up here and she dressed like Greta Garbo
I’ll have his guts for garters on top of this Kanglo Tarbo"

When Dinny found the empty tent he roared "I’m going to have both their scalps"
But Brian and Gill slipped down the hill and headed for the ALPS.
Following footprints in the snow they were led a merry dance
Two days and two nights later they arrived frost-bitten in France.
Brian and Gill had climbed another hill it had a breathtaking swell view
Of the knackered Dinny and Lindy on the slopes of punishing PELVOUX
"F-CK HIM and his bleedin’ mountains" Hogie roared at his wife
"Watch your FRENCH " said Lindy, Dinny screamed "I’LL TAKE HIS LIFE".
He heard a rumble when having a tumble behind a tree holding on to a branch
When Lindy roared "Pull up your zip, get out of this kip, you’ve started an Avalanche”

Brian and Gill left PELVOUX hill, BEN NEVIS it was next
Dinny was having convulsions and Lindy sent Gill a text
Dinny by now had a long grey beard, he lay lowering brandy in a crevasse
His once long black hair bad turned to grey when Lindy told him they’re on BEN NEVIS

On Scotland’s highest mountain among the blooming heather
Lay Brian and Gill in the winter chill holding hands together
Late that night the lovers got a fright, they thought their lives in danger
As the night got colder from behind a boulder appeared a thin, grey-bearded stranger
Bashful Brian was in his pyjamas, Glamorous Gill was in her pinny
The loving pair were quite unaware the Abominable Snowman was Dinny

"Well Young Geraghty, explain yourself" Dinny Hogan said to Brian
"I’d like to many your daughter she’s beautiful and divine"
Poor Dinny he was dumbstruck and went as quiet as a mouse
HE SHOOK Brian’s hand and said "Thats grand, Lindy’ll book the Old Red House
But you’ll have to keep a secret about the colour of my hair
Nobody in Beechpark knows I’m grey and none in the Curragh of Kildare"
Brian has climbed some very high mountains and Dinny loves a trier
The Himalayans are in the ha’penny place, none’s higher than NEWBRIDGE HIRE