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New Members Programme Refresher Day and SPA Skills Refresh

October 15, 2017 @ 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

New Members Programme Refresher Day and SPA Skills Refresh
Sun October 15, 2017 9.30am – 5pm Dalkey Quarry

Greetings from your outgoing Training Officer
Last few years we have ran a skills refresher in mid October, not compulsory , just if you want (training is best on a wet saturday).

The intention is to take the morning session for this, reviewing, testing and signing off the critical Yellow/Orange level skills. Those skills documented in the syllabus that will take you to the place where we can take you to the Mountain Skills training in November and on-wards to full IMC membership

The skills.. I am going to attempt to demonstrate again in the form of a typical day out on the crag….
Building a belay for an abseil (3 points), abseil safely down to route using a prusik
Interpreting the guidebook description of a given (easy)route. Lead the route placing leader protection. Build an intermediate belay 2 or 3 anchors (be able to explain the quality of the anchors), and belay partner up to the belay safely.
It will be similar to the learn-to-lead sessions…..

Second part of the day we will cover the rescue skills covered at the formal SPA Level. These are not just for those that have been through formal SPA.

All are welcome and as in the past will bring tea/coffee and Sausages to cook
Second Climbs Past His Runner (single rope)
Equip: 2 HMS
Lock of Belay, take rope closest to the Anchor, feed loop down with a HMS crab, have 2nd attach to belay loop, belay back down with 2nd HMS on italian Hitch, until tight again on lead rope.

Assisted Hoist
Equip: Prusik + HMS
Lock of Belay, Fix Prusik to live rope (infront of belay device), take dead rope closest to belay, feed loop down with a HMS crab, have 2nd attach to belay loop. Unlock belay and take up slack; Victim pulls on rope coming from belayer,leader pulls on rope coming from victim

Unassisted Hoist
Equip: 2 Prusiks + HMS
Lock of Belay, Fix 1st Prusik live rope before belay, Fix 2nd Prusik live rope further down with attached crab, dead rope attach to 2nd Prusik, pull and keep moving 2nd Prusik down the rope (as far possible)

Escaping the System (from belay built out of reach rope (no powerpoint))
Equip: Prusik , 2 Slings , 4 HMS
Lock of Belay, fix Prusik to live rope to anchors with sling (Klemheist rather than French) using 2 HMS, sling has an overhand for potential tieoff,powerpoint; release belay to weight prusik; back up prusik withItalianHitch-tied off(releasable knot)or fig8 if going to ab down on tail); personal saftey – girth hitch 2nd sling into belay loop into anchors; untie from system;

Abseil Past a Knot
Equip: Short Sling , 2 Prusiks
Setup sling girth hitched to belay loop attached to Prusik in reach (half or shortened sling) on live rope; lower by releasing top prusik until 60cm before knot,let pusik take ; tie backup knot 2meters (beyond knot) ; release belay device and attach just after/below knot with prusik on leg loop (3rd hand); release top prusik to belay device and 3rd hand

Abseil Y-hang pickup
Equip: Y-Hang-rig is a standard sling overhand near middle , leaving a small loop and belay device connect into , Crab needed for victim


October 15, 2017
9:30 am - 5:00 pm



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