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Sugarloaf Clean Up Day

May 7, 2016

Sugarloaf Cleanup Day, help keep the mountains beautiful” May 7th

The Wicklow local authority will collect the trash on Monday so we just have to bag it and leave it in a pile in the car park. The supplies are ready for collection, Jon will pick them up in Bray sometime this week.

There are two starting points for the Great Sugarloaf: The East and The South. If we have enough people it would be great to attack the mountain from both ends. Also, the road that leads to The South car park (L1031) needs some attention if possible.

The South:
This will be our primary focus and meeting point as it is in pretty rough shape. Our main force will work on this car park, the road that leads to it (L1031), and the path from it up Sugarloaf. We will also have two friendly IMC members handing out cleanup supplies to the general public as they walk the mountain if they’re interested (especially getting the young involved). A sign would be fantastic if we have any creative types in the club: “Sugarloaf Cleanup Day, help keep the mountains beautiful” or whatever.

The East:
I haven’t been to The East car park before but from what I read it is smaller and on GAA grounds so I assume it is in better shape. If anyone has any info on that it would be great to know for organizing. I may swing by there when I pick up the cleanup-kit in Bray. I would suggest a smaller team in The East cleaning that car park, splitting into two groups and working up the two legs of the circuit to the summit. From the summit, heading down to The South car park and rejoining the main group for a photo opp and combining of trash for pickup. We’ll then give them lifts back to their cars in The East. They could choose to walk the whole circuit as well if they’d like. This path takes a bit longer so they may want to get an hour head start on the rest of the group. Some of the more experienced hillwalkers may need to be on this route since it is longer and less well marked from what I’ve read.


May 7, 2016


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