16 Nov: Camaderry Nav Challenge (free)

16 Nov: Camaderry Nav Challenge (free)

The Camaderry Nav Challenge event will be free, FUN, challenging and totally unique in Ireland. It will involve 5 hours in the Wicklow Mountains finding various locations using navigation/problem solving skills and team work. The event will be great craic and there WILL be PRIZES from Adventure.ie for the top teams!!

Ambrose Flynn and Ken Doyle are organising.

This event is part of our Members’ Weekend. It’ll be followed by dinner in the IMC Hut and the Photo Competition 2019 Awards and AGM at the Glendalough Hotel.


The event will start at 10am SHARP.



Successful completion of the Challenge by an Associate Member will fulfill the requirement that he/she “satisfies the Committee that they are competent in mountain navigation”, which aids them in achieving Full Member status, as per Clause 5.3 of the Constitution.

Sign up and questions:

To let us know that you’ll be attending, or if you have questions about this event, please log in to the website and then post here: https://www.irishmountaineeringclub.org/forums/topic/16-nov-2019-camaderry-nav-challenge/

There’s a meal after the Challenge; please sign up for that by logging in and then posting here: https://www.irishmountaineeringclub.org/forums/topic/16-nov-2019-members-dinner

If you don’t fancy travelling early in the morning, then stay the previous night in the IMC Hut and take part in the The Best Quiz Ever; please sign up for that by logging in and then posting here: https://www.irishmountaineeringclub.org/forums/topic/fri-15-nov-the-best-quiz-ever/