COVID-19 Update September-2020

COVID-19 Update September-2020

We are in the middle of all this pandemic.

 Let’s be clear and certain about one thing – COVID is killing people.

 The status in the counties and city of Dublin is getting more serious by the day. Cases per 100000 have risen from 67 a week ago to 104 today ( RTE, 1pm news , George Lee)  

 The government announced their plan yesterday and on this lunchtimes news they have predicted “further restrictions” for Dublin . Effectively a level 3 is anticipated.

 Those advices about travel and then predictions of “further restrictions” will impose the kinds of travel bans we had in Kildare, that is no one in and no one out.

 Effectively it means stay in your county.

 Following a meeting this evening the Committee must follow the Government plan

 Immediately this means we have to adjust the Mournes meet.

As such it is only for members who live outside  Dublin.

Early indications are that this restriction may continue for a few weeks.

Noel Caffrey