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Cruit Island, Donegal Trad Weekend

September 1, 2023 @ 8:00 am - September 4, 2023 @ 5:00 pm

After the success of the Clare island meet, DW is back by popular demand leading another Island adventure. Here’s his lowdown…..

The will be a Meet Briefing at the Wild Camping location (see below) 9.30am Sat 2nd Sept.

Hopefully yet another “Island in the Sun” in 2023 – this meet was run last year at this stage of the season and it was an amazing trip; DO NOT MISS it if you have any chance at all of going. Access is via a bridge so you can take the car (car pool where poss.). Permission has been secured to camp on land belonging to a local, that is very handy (within 100m) for the cliff crags and there is plenty of climbing at all levels (even an Outdoor Gym!). See Cruit Meet Report 2021

Download Cruit Guidebook by Iain Miller here 

Wild Camping https://www.google.com/maps/place/55%C2%B001’59.9%22N+8%C2%B025’16.3%22W/@55.0332927,-8.4233893,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m4!3m3!8m2!3d55.0332927!4d-8.4212006?hl=en-IE&entry=ttu

If you don’t fancy camping, there are other accommodation options as below

Carey’s Viking House Hotel  Grid Reference B744-185 or EirCode F94 HR60 http://www.vikinghousehotel.com/ is at Belcruit, or just where the Cruit roadway joins the main coast road.  Pauline “would do group rates” (074) 954 3295 is the local information.

Two bed cottage Pal of Iain Miller’s – Brian McGonagle 086 8480763 – has a two bed cottage both en-suite ¼ mile from Carey’s Viking House Hotel, 5 minutes drive to the climbing.

Cruit Thatched Cottages (guestimate Grid Reference B731-213) Donal Ó Murchú contact is Cruit Thatched Cottages 087-236 4963.  https://www.donegalthatchcottages.com/, but likely these are rented Saturday to Saturday.

Caisleáin Óir in Annagry.  http://www.donegalhotel.ie/ WWCC stayed once at Caisleáin Óir in Annagry Grid Reference B794-194 or Eircode F94 WY03 maybe 5 miles away to the east.  I can vouch for its superb food etc.

Wild camping, right at the crags, right on the beach, has been discussed with the landowner.  All things being equal, a limited amount of camping will be allowed.  LNT type T&Cs apply, at the least.  No facilities, no water, just location, location, location.

Organizer David Walsh

Email:  david@davidwalshlegal.ie

Phone : 087 2546054



Tides, the sweetspots

Fri   01    1020        1640

Sat   02    1100         1720

Sun  03    1140         1800

Mon 04    1220        1840


September 1, 2023 @ 8:00 am
September 4, 2023 @ 5:00 pm

2 thoughts on “Cruit Island, Donegal Trad Weekend

  1. Tides
    Tides play an important part in sea cliff climbing. The few hours either side of low water are the handiest, the sea water is much less likely to be an issue. Wet feet or worse may result from not being aware of a rising tide. Always know the sweetspots, which this weekend in Donegal are as follows:

    Tides, this Cruit weekend, the sweetspots
    Thu 31 10.00 16.00
    Fri 01 10.30 17.00
    Sat 02 11.00 17.30
    Sun 03 11.40 1800
    Mon 04 12.00 18.30

    Spring Tides, Neap Tides – Big Tides, Small Tides
    This weekend there is a second “something” to be aware of. Depending on the moon and other factors, the tides may go out further, or not, and rise higher when they come back in, or not. And it all, always, happens in the same time slot, six hours or so, so to cope, the speed at which things happen slows down and speeds up. This weekend is exceptional, the biggest tides so far this year 2023.

    The tides will go out further and lower and come in nearer and higher. And all at breakneck speed. At half past five next Saturday afternoon on Cruit Island, the tide will be advancing up the beach, the cliffs, the rocks, like a train.
    Statistic : three times the speed it did last Saturday.
    Technical. Some people love these things explained as to the “why”, others not. If you don’t, look away now.
    The yardstick used for the west coast of Ireland is the data published for Galway docks where (very roughly, demonstrative purposes only) :
    • The average low water is 0.6m Springs, 1.6m average, and 2.6 Neaps,
    • The average high water is 5.6m Springs 4.6m average, and 3.6m Neaps,
    • Giving tidal “ranges” of 5.0m Springs, 3.0m average, and 1.0m Neaps.
    • Next Saturday the tidal range is 5.3m, last Saturday it was 1.8m.
    Three times the peed.
    Do not be caught out.

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