MI Consultation Meeting

MI Consultation Meeting

would be great if several IMCers were able to join the meeting and make our perspective know to the meeting. Take care , Noel    

Dear Club Secretary

As mentioned during our Club Support Committee Meeting’s Mountaineering Ireland is holding two members’ consultation meetings to discuss the strategic development for Mountaineering Ireland for 2022 – 2025.
This is a great opportunity for all our members to be part of this important process to help shape the future direction of our organisation. 
These meetings will be held online (links for each meeting below) on Monday the 1st of November and Tuesday 2nd November 2021 @ 19:00.

Monday 1st November

Zoom Link:
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Meeting ID: 837 1554 1507

Passcode: 694164

Tuesday 2nd November

Zoom Link
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Meeting ID: 884 8021 1744

Passcode: 570494

Three key questions to consider for discussion on the evening are:

  • What do you want Mountaineering Ireland to work on for the next four years?
  • If Mountaineering Ireland was amazing what would we do?
  • What’s holding Mountaineering Ireland back?