Sports Climbing Locations

Sports Climbing Locations

Round Up thanks to Gerry Moss

Irish Sport Climbing crags that I am aware of. There may well be more. Unless otherwise stated, full details of these can be found on the Route Data Base on

Co. Antrim. Garron Point. Routes from 4c to 8b. Development is still ongoing.

Co. Donegal. Portsalon 6 routes, 8a – 8c.

Co. Down. Altnadue Quarry. 18 routes 3c – 6a.

Co. Fermanagh. Coolrakan Quarry. Mixture of short sports and trad routes 3c – 5b.

Co. Galway. Aran Islands. Inis Mór. Largest number of sports routes in Ireland. Couple of 5s but mostly 6s and 7s, with a handful of 8s. Full details on

Co. Kilkenny. Ballykeefe Quarry. Mixture of sports and trad. 5a – 6c. Knockadrinna. Routes from 5a – 7c.

Co. Waterford. Bunmahon. A stretch of the Copper Coast has been developed. Approach – There’s a lane off the main road leading to Bonmahon Beach View Point

If you drive up that lane you can park on that road. Then keep following the walkway for about 4 or 5 minutes and you’ll come across some steps down to Trá na mBó beach. The picture is the beach it’s on and you’ll be climbing on the faces on the left

Co. Wicklow. Bell Rock. Routes from 5+ – 7b Wicklow Head. 1 route 7+. There are also a small number of routes on the old railway track below the Cliff Path on Bray Head. No details recorded, but I have climbed 2 at about grade 3 and 1 at 6/7.