The 2021 IMC Photographic Competition

The 2021 IMC Photographic Competition

Congratulations to one and all who entered the 2021 Annual Irish Mountaineering Club Photographic Competition “Mountaineering Magical Moments”. Many great and wonderful photographs were entered. All of them have an amazing and magical story as part of the mountaineering moment that we all love.

Ed Hick won runner up prize for his beautiful photo of the lonely IMC hut covered in mid winter snow.

Colm McMahon won third prize for his Winter Forest Scape in the Dublin mountains during our covid lock down times.

Sara Marilungo won second prize for her “March of the Boulders”. Her photo sets a real moment and makes you feel that you want to be part of that bouldering troupe that day.

Vanessa Kirkpatrick won first prize for her photo of Andy Kirkpatrick finding her lost shoe on El Capitan, Yoesmite.

Epic photos one and all. Each photographer and their photo inspires the viewer to get out in the hills, mountains and crags and to be part of that beautiful moment that is mountaineering – and it is always magical.

Congratulations to all our winners for their excellent photographs. Thank you to all who participated in the Irish Mountaineering Club Photographic Competition 2021 and keeping the tradition alive. Thank you also to John Duignan for all his help and for hosting the “Oscars” last night.

Keep sharing the joy of climbing in your stories and with your wonderful photographs.

All the winning photographs are printed in the latest IMC Newsletter which is in the post to all members.

Barry Denton

1st Prize – Vanessa Kirkpatrick’s photo of Andy Kirkpatrick on El Capitan, Shoe Rescue
2nd Prize – Sara Marilungo’s photo ‘people with mats’
3rd Prize – Colm McMahon’s photo of winter scene on the Dublin Mountains
Runner Up – Ed Hick with lonely wintertime Hut